Zoids New Century Stream

Zoids: New Century Streaming

Zoids: New Century is an animated series based on the TOMY mecha series. Originally released as Zoids in Japan, the series was later rebranded as Zoids: New Century by Viz Media. It has 26 episodes, each running approximately 25 minutes. The series was first released in Japan in August 2014. If you’re interested in seeing this series online, you’ll want to check out Zoro.

The animation studio, Xebec, does an okay job. The characters are distinctive and the CGI used to show battles is quite good. However, budget constraints can be seen in some places, especially in the re-use of animation. Additionally, major battle sequences are obscured by flashes of light and dust.

The Zoids themselves are a powerful animal-shaped combat mecha that are used in organized sporting competitions. In the new series, we follow a group of pilots called Blitz Team as they try to carve out a niche for themselves in the Zoid battling leagues. The leader of the team is Bit Cloud, a vagrant junk dealer who proves to be a talented pilot. The team gradually rises to the top of the Zoid battling leagues, drawing the attention of the Backdraft Group, a faction of pilots operating outside the Zoid Battle Commission.

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