Zentreya New Model

Zentreya New Model

While she has been a member of the virtual entertainer community since the early 2000s, the new Zentreya isn’t your typical avatar. The mute streamer traded in her dragon’s scales for a cyberpunk and futuristic vibe. It’s not quite clear whether the new model will be able to keep her original identity or will take on an entirely new persona.

The new Zentreya is a member of the VShojo community. The new model is a 2D avatar designed by Yuniiho. She debuted the new model on 24 January. The following day, she reached 100,000 followers and subscribers on Twitch.

The new Zentreya new model reflects the official Vshojo lore and reflects the character’s nexus with humanity and its artificial robotic origins. Her mechanical endoskeleton contrasts with her crimson body and angelic eyes. However, fans have been complaining that the model’s TTS is lacking.

Although she’s a caring and sweet individual, Zentreya is also prone to violent outbursts. Her aggressiveness is often provoked by situations where people fail to deliver the message she’s trying to convey. However, she tries to hold back on her aggressive behavior when the situation doesn’t call for it. Her attitude is also influenced by the people who watch her.

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