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Meteorologist Zach Daniel

Zach Daniel is an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist for WTVR, responsible for producing quality, informative and entertaining weathercasts every day. For nearly 20 years he has worked in energy and climate impact research.

He competed at West Texas A&M for four years of track & field and three of cross country. In the 2020 Indoor season, he helped Abraham Chirchir reach West Texas A&M Athletic Conference championships in both 5,000-meter and 3,000-meter runs.

Early Life and Education

Zachary hails from Buena, California and attended West Texas A&M University where he competed in track and cross country. Additionally, he is married with three sons as well as an orange lab named Walter; all living together happily in Richmond’s West End neighborhood.

Zachary has been with WTAMU since 2013, serving as meteorologist. An Emmy-award winning meteorologist, Zachary has worked as weather producer, news anchor, and field reporter.

Zachary is a variation of the biblical name Zechariah and was popular among presidential candidates until 12th president Zachary Taylor adopted it for himself in 2016. Commonly abbreviated to Zack or Zak, celebrity parents such as Elton John and Cheryl Tiegs both have children named Zachary; contemporary parents may prefer other Z names which feel fresher instead.

Professional Career

Zachary has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented at numerous international research conferences, garnering him several national and international awards for his contributions in space and atmospheric physics.

He holds both a BSc in Physics (gravity wave detection) and MSc degrees in Space/Atmospheric Physics, in addition to having completed his PhD research on energy density modeling in Nuclear Physics.

Kuenne produced Dear Zachary: A Letter to His Son about Andrew Bagby, who was murdered by Shirley Jane Turner in June 2002. This documentary led to the passing of “Zachary’s Bill”.

Daniel currently practices civil litigation at Bathaee Dunne LLP and is a proud member of Austin Young Lawyers Association, with a particular passion for helping his clients protect their rights. An avid Texans and Rockets fan, Daniel also enjoys Crossfit training and travel.

Achievement and Honors

Zachary Daniel is an outstanding individual who has earned many honorable accolades in his professional life. Additionally, he recently published his debut novel – “Manifest Destiny,” an engaging thriller/mystery which takes readers on a character-driven adventure driven by revenge, past injustices and destiny.

He has published over one hundred scientific works, such as peer-reviewed journal articles and symposium papers. Furthermore, he earned four Emmy awards for his meteorology work.

From 2013-17, he competed at West Texas A&M as a student-athlete on track and cross country – reaching the NCAA Championships in both outdoor 10,000- and 5,000-meter runs as an amateur. Additionally, he earned two Academic All-American Awards as well as being named 2016 Lone Star Conference Athlete of the Year.

Personal Life

Zach Daniel is an enthusiastic supporter of new music. As director of the University of Oregon Laptop Ensemble, he has performed extensively while venturing into experimental pieces ranging from solo flute works to full symphonies. Furthermore, he has made important contributions to both sOUndscapes concert series and Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States.

Zach is married to Lindsay and together they share one daughter together as well as two sons: Walter (yellow lab) and Stanley (black lab). Together the family lives in Richmond’s West End area.

He has a deep-seated love for animals, frequently volunteering with local animal shelters. When free time allows, he enjoys golf and skiing as hobbies as well as running and traveling.

Net Worth

Zach has enjoyed immense success in his professional life and it comes as no surprise that his earnings have netted him considerable wealth. Currently working as Chief Meteorologist for WTVR- CBS 6 in Richmond Virginia he earns a good salary.

Zach has yet to disclose his exact net worth due to his preference of keeping his personal life out of the spotlight. Furthermore, he does not take part in social media beyond working-related Instagram use.

Zach, an average height, enjoys spending his free time with his wife Lindsay and two amazing sons named Stanley and Walter (both black labs). Their family lives in Richmond’s West End area where they take great pride in their gorgeous home with lots of greenery and an outdoor swimming pool.

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