Yukiye Kitahara

Yukiye Kitahara was one of Pat Morita’s three wives during his lifetime; Kitahara being his second. Morita is best-known as Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid movie series and had three marriages before meeting Yukiye Kitahara as his partner.

Kitahara chose to remain discreet about her marriage, keeping most details about it out of sight and leading a relatively low-key existence.

Early Life and Education

Yukiye Kitahara has kept much of her personal life private despite public scrutiny. She shares two daughters with ex-husband Morita (known for playing Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid franchise), their marriage lasting from 1970-1989 during which time Morita suffered from alcoholism as well as suffering from living in concentration camps during World War II which negatively impacted his mental wellbeing.

Morita died on November 24th 2005 under mysterious circumstances; both his manager and daughter claimed otherwise; it appears he suffered both kidney and heart failure. Tia Morita works as a researcher; Aly is more outspoken when it comes to her writing than Tia – even demanding people avoid viewing his classic film when its remake was made in 2010. Hyphen Magazine reported her statements.

Professional Career

Yukiye Kitahara was previously in a relationship with actor Pat Morita, best known for playing everyone’s beloved sensei Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid classic film and also playing Matsuo “Arnold” Takahashi on Happy Days and Ah Chew in Sanford and Son. Additionally he provided voice work for Disney movies including Mulan as Emperor of China and Wise Man from Boy Meets World.

Morita passed away at age 73 on November 24, 2005 due to both heart and kidney failure.

Kitahara shares two daughters with her late husband. After 19 years since they tied the knot on December 28, 1970, their marriage dissolved into divorce proceedings and both she and Tia now prefer living a low-key life together, preferring to keep their personal matters private.

Achievement and Honors

At the first Senbatsu Election she finished ninth. Since then she has become a regular on TBS’s “Tsubasa’s Weekly Corner”, providing weather updates. In 2016 she released her debut photobook entitled Ijou Kashiwagi Yuki Deshitatsu”, as well as being featured in a music video featuring Hinata and Mairu for their song: “I Want To Be Yukirin: Learn from Real Heroines with Hinata and Mairu.”

She was recently selected as AKB48’s most entertaining member. Starting January 10, she can be seen in Majisuka Gakuen drama series as well as featured in gravure magazine articles and gravure covers. Furthermore, she belongs to one of WACK groups and has produced singles for them.

Yukiye Morita was Pat Morita, known for playing Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. They married on December 28, 1970 and divorced 19 years later in 1989, shortly before Morita died from kidney failure in 2005.

Personal Life

Morita was an accomplished actor, appearing in both movies and shows across multiple mediums. Perhaps his best-known work was with The Karate Kid franchise – with its first installment grossing over $176.5 Million at the box office alone!

Morita was married three times during his lifetime. Kitahara, his second wife and mother to Tia and Aly, was his second partner before they separated in 1989.

Kitahara remains private about her personal life and kept the details of her marriage to Morita confidential; nevertheless, the couple remained close after parting ways.

She has not disclosed details regarding her wealth; however, Morita had an estimated net worth of $5 Million at his death on November 24, 2005 at age 73 due to heart and kidney failure.

Net Worth

Pat Morita was best known as Yukiye Kitahara’s former husband in The Karate Kid. An accomplished actor, comedian, and producer; however, he struggled with alcoholism for much of his life.

On December 28, 1970, they married and later separated 19 years later on April 17, 1989. Their union resulted in two daughters; Tia Morita is an academic researcher while Aly is known for writing books and short stories. Both girls led quiet lives when not at school – Tia is a researcher while Aly writes books and short stories.

Kitahara preferred to remain private about her personal affairs and never revealed her net worth, yet her late husband had an estimated worth of $5 Million when he passed away, meaning that Kitahara could potentially live an extravagant lifestyle like Kirbie Wallace thanks to their fortune.

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