William Shatner Net Worth 2022

William Shatner Net Worth 2022

William Shatner is a Canadian actor, producer, screenwriter, and musician best known for playing Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek series. The 76-year-old has worked in the industry for over seven decades and has appeared in over 45 films. His career has earned him over $300 million in the global box office. As of 2022, Shatner is one of the only four remaining cast members from the original Star Trek series.

William Shatner’s net worth

The total assets and liabilities of William Shatner are listed below. These include his investments, savings, and cash deposits, as well as the equity in his home and car. He is also a noted writer. In addition to his acting career, William Shatner has been active in the music industry and has released several albums.

The actor is a multitalented and well-known person, with a net worth of over $100 million. His career began as a child radio performer. He later went on to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In his twenties, he attended the Royal Mount Theatre Company, where he studied acting and later joined the National Repertory Theatre of Ottawa.

His salary

William Shatner is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. The 91-year-old has earned over $10 million in the last year. He earned that amount from his role as Captain James T. Kirk on “Star Trek” and other television shows. He has also received honorary doctorates from McGill University and the New England Institute of Technology.

In addition to his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Shatner also had other notable roles in the series. He also portrayed a racist in “The Intruder” in 1962 and played a New York City assistant district attorney in the 1960s. He was also an ambassador for Priceline and Kaoco, two companies that paid him millions of dollars.

His wife

William Shatner is an actor who has built up a huge net worth over the years. He is a former star of the hit series “Star Trek” and has starred in a number of other TV shows, including “Boston Legal” (1968), “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (2001), and “Star Trek: Enterprise.” He also has an extensive list of books and co-authored several.

William Shatner has been married four times. His first marriage was to Canadian actress Gloria Rand. The couple had three children together, including two daughters. However, they divorced in 1969. William Shatner net worth 2022 is projected to be around $62 million.

His children

The net worth of William Shatner is estimated to be about $100 million USD as of October 2022. This figure is based on the actor’s total assets and liabilities, which include his investments, savings, cash deposits, and equity in his car and home. The actor’s net worth is expected to increase as more of his movies and TV shows are released.

The actor has a significant investment in Priceline shares, worth $600 million. Shatner bought these shares in 1997, before the dot-com bubble hit the market. However, the shares have recovered and are currently trading at nearly $300 a share. It is unknown how many shares he actually owns, but some have speculated that the actor may have over 600 million shares at this point.

His residence

The four-bed, four-bath main residence of William Shatner is located in Los Angeles. Since 1975, the actor has owned the property. Shatner is one of the world’s most famous actors, and he became a cultural icon playing the role of James T. Kirk in the television series “Star Trek.” In addition to his Los Angeles home, Shatner also has a 360-acre horse ranch in Kentucky, where he lives with Elizabeth. The couple met through the American Saddlebred World Champion Rider Association.

William Shatner’s residence is situated in the Hollywood Hills, California. The home is four beds, four baths, and is situated on 360 acres. The actor is a horse lover, and has owned many American Saddlebreds. He and Elizabeth Martin have shared several horses on their vast Kentucky horse ranch. The pair shared half of the horses on the property.

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