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William O’Neill Net Worth – Bio, Age, Height, Dating, Wiki & More

William O’Neill Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Dating & more – Bill is an internationally acclaimed PBA Tour bowler who won his first major title at U.S Open during 2009-2010 season.

O’Neill stands out among the notable Grassos and Blatsteins of this town by outshout-ing them all with his boats, plane, and Dalai Lama fantasticness.

Early Life and Education

Bill was born October 21st 1981 and has become an influential player in his field since. He has won multiple championships during his career and been recognized with two PBA Tour Player of the Year awards.

He attended Poly High School and participated in its theater group. Additionally, he enjoyed traveling and bowling; all while being an amazing husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

He attended Southern Methodist University and earned a degree in business administration, after which he became one of Hayden Stone and Company’s premier stockbrokers – becoming one of the pioneers behind CANSLIM investing strategy which became one of the premier investments strategies of its time. Later he opened up his own investment firm before publishing many bestselling books on investments.

Professional Career

Bill O’Neill, an established right-handed professional ten-pin bowler on the PBA tour. He has won multiple titles and been nominated twice as player of the year runner-up; currently playing with Philadelphia Hitmen PBA League team.

O’Neil earned a bachelor of business administration from Southern Methodist University in 1955 before entering military service. Following his return, he became a stockbroker at Hayden, Stone and Company where his focus on data-driven investing led him to develop his own stock picks and strategies – eventually founding William O’Neil & Co. which later evolved into Investor’s Business Daily.

He has achieved 30 perfect 300 games in PBA competition and in 2015 won the Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles title at Summer Swing with Shannon O’Keefe.

Achievement and Honors

Bill O’Neill has earned numerous honors and awards in the financial industry for his services to investors and the stock market. His advice on investment strategies and stock market trends have helped many people to become successful investors, and his advice draws upon both experience from trading his own company as well as founding his own newspaper, Trader Monthly.

O’Neill married Christi White in May 2010 and they now share one child together. O’Neill has long shown an avid interest in politics, actively taking part in local political issues as an active participant on both the Senate Judiciary Committee and Education Committee as well as working on other state committees. Known for being an effective leader with strong moral fiber.

Personal Life

Bill O’Neill keeps his personal life private and refuses to discuss details regarding his romantic affairs with anyone outside his circle of acquaintance. Despite being well-known in Hollywood circles, O’Neill remains guarded about sharing details about any romances.

Born October 21st 1981 and currently residing in Langhorne Pennsylvania. He has received many honors and awards in his bowling career thus far.

He is a right-handed professional ten-pin bowler competing on the PBA Tour in North America and holds a bachelor’s degree from Eastern University in Early, Elementary, and Special Education Magna Cum Laude.

His marriage to Christi White has produced one child. He enjoys traveling and playing soccer – aspirations to become a golfer also arises as does an array of bestselling books and IBD products that bear his name.

Net Worth

Bill O’Neill reportedly earned an estimated net worth of $12,206 as of 2024 from acting. He earned most of this fortune through roles such as Drillbit Taylor (2008) and Boy in the Elvis Suit (2016).

Bill has used his contrarian approach to investing, with its emphasis on earnings growth and avoiding stocks with high short-term stock price volatility, to deliver significant returns for his clients over the years. To identify winning stocks he developed the CAN SLIM investment strategy based on historical patterns and trends analysis.

O’Neil founded Investor’s Business Daily in 1984, becoming a respected authority on the stock market. He is known for writing numerous bestselling books and speaking at seminars and workshops across the world – creating an enduring legacy through his commitment to helping individual investors.

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