William Duvall Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Even with his immense success, the actor hasn’t forgotten where he came from; he continues to lead a modest life with Luciana Pedraza as wife and is an active philanthropist.

DuVall currently performs as co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Alice in Chains, replacing original singer Layne Staley who passed away in 2002. Additionally he works with Bl’ast, Comes With the Fall, Jerry Cantrell Madfly & Neon Christ among many other projects.

Many of us have wondered whether William Duvall smokes cigarettes, weed or marijuana. He has been linked with drugs like cocaine and heroin; although he denies all allegations. Unfortunately, we can never know his intentions as we’ve only ever seen him playing around with such substances in the past.

Professional Career

DuVall, best known as co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Alice in Chains, is also an author, musician, and actor. Beginning his career in Atlanta’s hardcore punk scene during the early ’80s – playing in bands such as Awareness Void of Chaos and Neon Christ – DuVall went on to pursue writing, performing music and acting roles throughout his career.

He wrote and produced “I Know”, which was an enormous hit and spent 38 weeks on the Billboard charts, for musician Dionne Farris. Additionally, he has had credits in movies like MASH and To Kill a Mockingbird.

He is married to Luciana Pedraza and together they share two daughters. He has long been an advocate for mental health awareness and supports several charities as well. Additionally, he maintains strong family ties while leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

Achievement and Honors

DuVall, an internationally acclaimed actor and musician, is widely revered for his unique brand of contemporary humor. Featured in several iconic movies as a leading character actor he earned numerous awards and honors throughout his career; becoming one of the few established character actors to successfully transition into lead roles over time.

In 1987, he formed the musical band Final Offering alongside vocalist Randy Gue (of former Neon Christ fame) and Corrosion of Conformity bassist Mike Dean from Corrosion of Conformity. Since then he has played with other bands, such as Awareness Void of Chaos, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, Comes With the Fall and Madfly.

Personal details about his life remain obscure, with no information regarding family or relationship status being available to the public. Nonetheless, he has shared both his office and home numbers to make himself easier reachable by anyone inquiring.

Personal Life

William Duvall is an internationally acclaimed musician and singer who has been actively working in this profession for over four decades. Known for his powerful performances around the globe, Duvall’s name can be seen all around.

He has collaborated with numerous artists such as Alice in Chains, Blast, Comes with the Fall, Jerry Cantrell Madfly Neon Christ and many more.

In the late ’80s, he played alongside jazz bassist Hank Schroy and drummer Matthew Cowley as part of No Walls – an inspired Jimi Hendrix tribute band – recording one self-titled album before disbanding soon afterwards.

He is happily married to Luciana Pedraza and living a peaceful existence together, raising their two children together. Additionally, he is an excellent actor having won multiple awards in the entertainment industry for his efforts.

Net Worth

William DuVall is an acclaimed American rock musician best known as co-lead vocalist and guitarist of Alice in Chains. Upon joining in 2006 as Layne Staley had passed on, DuVall would feature on two albums released by Alice In Chains; Black Gives Way to Blue in 2009 and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here three years later.

He is co-founder, lead singer guitarist, and lyricist for Comes with the Fall and has also played in other genre bands like punk rock group Neon Christ. Additionally, he has co-written “I Know” by Dionne Farris.

DuVall was born September 6, 1967 as an astrological Virgo and stands at 1.75 meters (5’8″). He boasts muscular anatomy with an athletic physique.

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