Why Did Jj And Lauren Separate

Lauren Conrad and JJ Garcia – Why Did They Separate?

If you are a fan of Lauren Conrad or JJ Garcia, you may be wondering why they separated. The couple announced their split on Instagram and asked for privacy. It seems like they had some serious marital problems. It was an issue that they had to address.

They were married for 10 years, and they had two daughters together. However, it seems like the past few months have been a struggle for the couple. They have been doing marriage counseling. They have also been featured on the show Total Bellas.

The Bella Twins were famous for their tag team on WWE. They were also known for their social media presence. They are now retired from the sport. They are estimated to have a net worth of around $12 million. They have also made headlines by releasing a memoir called Incomparable, which reveals some of their secrets. They also appear on the reality television series Total Bellas, which is currently on its last season.

When the couple first started dating, it was rumored that JJ had a child with another woman. He was actually a supporting character on Total Bellas. The family nickname was Lola, which he started using for his wife. The couple also moved to San Francisco for a while, but that was when he decided to start calling his wife Lola.

JJ and Lauren were a big part of the show’s storylines. They were involved in major events, and were featured in various storylines. They even decided to have a wedding renewal. They chose Daniel Bryan to be their officiant. They also had a lot of arguments over politics during the last season.

When the show was cancelled, JJ and Lauren were in a bit of a funk. They wanted to rekindle their romance, but they were battling with each other. They went to several marriage counseling sessions. The pair also went to Sedona to have a spiritual journey.

On January 2020, they launched their own digital media company. They are also active on Twitter and Instagram. They are even on Pinterest. They have a blog, What Lola Likes, which is about fashion and health. They are also on Facebook.

They have had some major changes in their lives over the past few months. In addition to their divorce, they are also experiencing some anxiety, which they have spoken about. It is a bit of a shame. The couple was meant to have a happy ending, but their love story has gone in a different direction. They are deciding to move on with their lives.

They are going through some tough times right now, and they are asking for some privacy. The pair has a lot to prove to each other, but they are willing to put their differences aside. It’s time to find the best way to tell each other how much they mean to the other. Then, they can go back to sailing the seas as a couple.

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