Which Statement Best Describes Electrons

Which Statement Best Defines Electrons?

Electrons are subatomic particles that are negatively charged and are found outside the nucleus of an atom. As subatomic particles, electrons behave both as waves and particles and move in circular orbits around the nucleus. To make an element positive, electrons must undergo a chemical reaction.

Electrons are made up of protons and neutrons. Their main function is to carry an electric charge. The electrons in an atom orbit the nucleus in defined orbits. In addition, each of the electrons has an energy shell describing its location and position. The energy shells help us to understand the movement of electrons.

Which statement best describes electrons? Electrons are negatively charged particles. Their mass is smaller than that of the proton, which is the smallest particle in matter. Electrons move in a circular path around the nucleus, which is why they’re negatively charged. This also makes them a member of the lepton particle family.

During the process of formation of an atom, electrons are pushed and pulled around the nucleus. These forces help them move through the nucleus, and they orbit the nucleus in a high probability level. Because of their small mass, electrons move quickly. They also move in a variety of orbital structures.

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