Watermelon Cream Slush Sonic

The Watermelon Cream Slush is a Rite of Passage at Sonic

The watermelon cream slushie is a rite of passage at Sonic this summer. Aside from the aforementioned tidbit, the drive-in also has a slew of other summertime highlights. Among the more noteworthy are the half-price Master Shakes and the oh-so-slightly-expensive-moonlighters. In fact, the company even offers a free small scoop of ice cream to anyone who orders a large Classic or Large Shake. Lastly, Sonic has teamed up with COOP Ale Works, a local Oklahoma-based brewery, to produce some of the aforementioned beverage beverages. And while the company hasn’t released an official release date, one of the co-founders was quoted in a recent blog post saying the two-packs will likely be on the menu until the end of August.

Of course, no Sonic trip is complete without a slushie, but the company’s aforementioned slushie and beverage offerings are only available on the drive-in side. For those who prefer their slushie on the takeout side, the best bet is the aforementioned Co-Op Ale Works brews. While the name brand may be pricier, a ten-dollar mug of the stuff isn’t a bad deal for the Oklahoma City area. It’s not hard to see why. As for the rest of us, Sonic is an affordable evening destination. After all, it’s not hard to see why the company’s heyday is still in full swing. Besides, with a new menu and the aforementioned perks, a night out at the company’s flagship restaurant couldn’t get much more exciting. From now until the fall, the slushie is a must-have at Sonic, where else would you want to unwind with friends and family?

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