Valerie George

Valerie George

Valerie George is an artist who uses a variety of media to explore art and life. She focuses on sound, video, performance and sculpture.

George is currently a professor of art at the University of West Florida. She has a background in art history, and her work reflects holistically on art and life.

Early Life and Education

Valerie George, an art professor at the University of West Florida, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and has experienced recurrences of the disease. During this time, the school and faculty worked alongside her to make sure that her health was a priority.

Despite her diagnosis, she remained committed to teaching and was determined to overcome her illness. In the end, she successfully completed her treatment and was able to return to teaching at UWF.

“Val” is a film that is frank about the deterioration of its subject’s health and career, but it also treads lightly on explosive autobiographical terrain from Kilmer’s adult life. In some ways, it’s a cynical exercise in image management. But in other ways, it’s a redemption arc that many viewers find inspiring.

Professional Career

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val is currently the Farm Program Manager at California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Certification Services, LLC. CCOF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting organic agriculture, with an emphasis on small and family farms. Previously, he led the Farm Program team at New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, where he helped lead the charge for the introduction of the new organic standard in 2014. The most exciting part of his job is helping to develop new products and programs that benefit farmers and consumers.

Achievements and Honors

Throughout her undergraduate career, Val has been involved in several co-curricular programs. She has a passion for leadership and service, and is always working to make an impact on her community.

Her most recent honors include winning the 2023 George Halvorson Community Health Leadership Award from Kaiser Permanente. This award recognizes her dedication to community work and a commitment to improving the health of local populations.

Valerie is a licensed clinical social worker, and learned from her parents that being of service to others is important. This belief shaped her community-focused work, and has led her to become an advocate for the needs of people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.

Personal Life

Val opted for a quieter life style in the aftermath of his wife’s death in 2009. He and his longtime companion, musician songwriter Ali Alborzi, eked out a modest living by working at home and on the road with their band, The Temptation. For the most part, they resisted the lure of the big city, which he described as a “snarlin’ bear.”

Although he was more than satisfied with his humble abode, he did make a pilgrimage to Los Angeles on occasion to visit his mother in law and sip a cocktail at The Clock Bar on the Hollywood sign. The best part of it all was the opportunity to reconnect with his family and friends, and to re-ignite his creative spark with his artistic collaborators.

Net Worth

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He is also an avid sportsman and enjoys playing tennis. He also owns a number of properties in New Mexico.

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