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Level Lift Uses Jahns Unified Jacking Systems For House Raising

Level Lift uses only the best equipment when raising homes, including an innovative unified jack system capable of operating 48 crib jacks on one stroke of its machine.

These hydraulic-powered jacks work by multiplying force applied on either side of a lever by 10. When something pushes against one lever, its effect multiplies on the other side ten-fold.

Early Life and Education

Experiences and environments during the period between birth and age 8 can have a tremendous effect on children’s long-term health and learning, which makes high-quality early learning and care that’s accessible to all families all the more critical for building strong foundations for later success.

Current early education systems are fragmented and underfunded, placing an additional financial strain on families as they pay for childcare and early childhood services. Increased funding managed through an integrated framework could expand access to such services while simultaneously improving their quality.

An unified jacking machine ensures each jack is raised at an equal amount at once, saving time and increasing safety. It’s also safer than traditional bottle jacks as these machines can lift 48 crib jacks up to 16″ at one stroke!

Professional Career

At Level Lift, only the finest equipment will do in structural moving and elevation. From Jahns’ Unified Jack system with 48 crib jacks (16″ on one stroke) to Hevi-Haul Fir Block Storage Containers which keep 4,000 blocks light, dry, and rot free; our Level Lift team only employs top quality machinery. Clegg Industries custom fabricated this container painted glossy black for us, fitted with three roll up doors to house a 24-Jack Unified machine available for rental by licensed shoring companies looking to improve safety and speed on job sites. Clegg Industries custom fabricated this container which then houses 24Jacked Unified machine which offers improved safety and speed on jobsites – something no other firm offers!

Personal Life

Level Lift uses only top quality equipment in their business, where safety, reliability and durability are vital elements of success. Their Jahns Structure Jacking Systems 24 Jack Double Stroke Unified Machine can run 48 crib jacks up 16″ at one time; their Climbing Jack system ensures each jack receives equal oil amounts and extends at equal rates while eliminating the need to reposition jacks as homes are lifted. They also employ custom built roll off storage containers which keep their inventory of 4000 light, dry fir blocks light and rot-free until needed on site.

Net Worth

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