Trinity Adama

Who Is Trinity Adama?

Trinity Innovations specialises in customising microscale and nanoscale shapes using diamond and hard carbon materials, with products used across various applications such as agritech and mental health.

ADDiTION is a phosphate herbicide for controlling windhalm, ryegrass, winter wheat, emmer, buckwheat and triticale. Addingition offers three distinct modes of action that effectively eradicate these species.

Early Life and Education

Abigail Smith Adams was born in 1734 to Congregational America. As both teacher and homemaker, Abigail strived to give her children access to the best education.

She founded Trinity Academy with a small group of parents and students in 1997. Based on Christian principles, Trinity offers an enriching spiritual life alongside rigorous academic curriculums and comprehensive extra-curricular offerings.

Living in Industry with her farmer husband and four children – two attending Trinity Academy – she enjoys gardening and cooking in her free time, being an active member of church ministry, Court Appointed Special Advocate services for foster children as well as reading books about St Louis Cardinals baseball as a hobby and teaching her students the truths of God’s word passionately.

Professional Career

Trinity Adama may not drive an extravagant vehicle for training sessions and games, but that doesn’t dim his drive and passion to perform on the pitch. That unstoppable motor propelled Trinity all the way from residency and U-17s teams to New York Red Bulls II and eventually, into first team ranks.

Adams took another giant leap forward in 2017, becoming an instant starter and earning his maiden senior national team call-up. Adams isn’t slowing down anytime soon! His drive remains strong.

Achievement and Honors

Trinity’s entrepreneurial venture is truly a community effort. She hosts city officials, provides space for minority practitioners looking to open practices and offers counseling services as well as organizing healing conversations, conferences and workshops.

The Honors program encourages students to explore new areas of intellectual ambition, develop innovative learning methods, and investigate connections among disciplines and approaches to knowledge. Students who complete six honors-designated courses with a 3.0 overall GPA will earn recognition on their transcript at graduation as “Honors Scholars.”

Trinity’s 69th Honors Day ceremony saw faculty and staff members from academic departments and college offices award numerous student prizes to deserving students. For a list of award recipients click here.

Personal Life

Trinity Adams credits his family and coach as essential contributors to his football success.

Adama’s parents are immensely proud of his accomplishments and are there to provide him with support throughout his journey. They have instilled within him an ability to stay focused in any circumstance and never give up when things seem difficult.

Trinity Adams has received many honors and awards for his community work, in particular as one of the Junior Triple Zero Heroes in 2018. Receiving a Bravery Medal, Trinity also established Trinity Foundation which works to support underprivileged children across Western Australia.

Net Worth

As of 2023, her net worth stands at $5 Million. She earned this value through recording music and publishing content on TikTok; brand deals; collaborations; brand deals with various companies and collaborations; being an experienced gymnast before discovering she was allergic to chalk used on gymnast’s hands, she transitioned into dancing due to an allergy she developed from it; having amassed an enormous fan base of 18.8 Million Followers on TikTok alone!

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