Trestle Jack

What is a Trestle Jack?

A trestle jack is a mechanical device used to safely lift heavy loads from vehicles. The driving motion of the vehicle drives a driving action which lifts and lowers trailer axles while still allowing its driver to remain inside their cabin safely.

Saving time in a garage by providing extra height, this device is especially beneficial when working with commercial trailers.

Early Life and Education

James Zeger hails from Bellevue, Washington and attended the University of Washington. Beginning painting during his early teens, he has created many murals throughout his time at UW – such as one for Coal Trestle/Fontana in Fontana Park. Furthermore, James works as a teacher while currently creating murals at local churches.

A Trestle Jack is a unique device that utilizes driving motion to raise and lower trailer axles safely and then supports them upright in their upright positions. This method allows drivers to remain inside the cab while this process takes place; additionally, its triangular shape maximizes strength.

Professional Career

Trestle jacks are lifting and standing devices that use driving motion from vehicles to lift and lower trailer axles. Designed as safer than traditional jacks because the driver remains inside their vehicle when making adjustments or solving issues, trestle jacks also require less time than traditional options to raise vehicles, making it ideal for busy workshops.

Pete Bennie hails from London and currently plays bass for numerous bands such as Tout and Morviscous. He holds a master of music degree from Goldsmith University and has traveled widely while touring with artists. Additionally, Pete is currently working on his own instrumental project.

Personal Life

Trestle Jacks are mechanical devices that use force to lift heavy loads, with various weight categories from 5-60 tons available for purchase. Ideal for vehicles with square or round axle tubes, Trestle Jacks require no special skills or training for operation – making them accessible and simple solutions.

A Trestle Jack is an effective device that lifts trailer axles without requiring anyone else to be under the vehicle for lifting purposes. Not only is it more safe, but its design specifically matches Echo trailer axles for secure fitting.

Net Worth

Trestle Jacks are innovative products designed to use driving motion from vehicles to raise and lower trailer axles, keeping drivers safely within their cab while raising or lowering axles. Installed quickly, removed easily – providing extra stability when changing tyres, repairing brake linings or bearings on heavy load trailers.

Triangulation technology maximizes structural strength by using triangles with straight and angled sides in order to optimize structural strength, providing optimal triangulation solutions in 5, 30, and 60 ton weight categories; 5-ton jacks can be found for smaller trailers or caravans while 30- and 60-ton versions are intended for commercial trucks and heavy haul trailers.

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