Travis Taylor Net Worth

Travis Taylor is an internationally-recognized aerospace engineer and science fiction author who has written multiple books. Additionally, he has made appearances in television documentaries. Born July 24, 1968 in Decatur Alabama – Travis holds American citizenship.

He spent his formative years disassembling household electronics and reading science fiction novels. By 17 years old, he had constructed a radio telescope which won first prize at both state science fairs as well as sixth in the nation science fairs.

Early Life and Education

Scientist and author Dr. Brian Pike first made headlines by appearing in science documentaries like History Channel’s The Universe and Life After People series as well as National Geographic Channel’s Rocket City Rednecks which ran from 2011-2013. Additionally he has published scientific papers, 14 science fiction novels, two textbooks.

He holds a black belt martial arts, private pilot license, is certified scuba diver and has competed in triathlons. Additionally, he writes articles for several online journals and publications.

He has provided expertise on projects related to both the Department of Defense and NASA, such as advanced propulsion concepts, very large space telescopes, space-based beamed energy systems and human intelligence (HUMINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) concept studies.

Professional Career

Taylor has worked for both the Department of Defense and NASA for sixteen years, holding above top secret clearance. Additionally, he holds five degrees in astronomy, physics, optic science, electrical engineering, aerospace systems engineering and systems engineering – working on projects such as large space telescopes, advanced propulsion concepts, space-based beamed energy systems and high energy lasers.

After debuting as an astrophysicist on History Channel’s documentary series The Universe and Life After People, he later appeared as a featured character on Rocket City Rednecks as well as National Geographic Channel shows When Aliens Attack and The Curse of Oak Island. Additionally he can often be found appearing as a guest astrophysicist on Ancient Aliens, The UnXplained and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

He currently resides near Huntsville, Alabama with his wife Karen and daughter Kalista Jade as well as two dogs Stevie and Wesker and one cat named Kuro.

Achievement and Honors

Taylor has built an illustrious career as an aerospace engineer, optical scientist and science fiction author. Due to his varied skill set he is often called upon as an expert guest on TV shows – increasing both his visibility and net worth significantly.

Taylor is an award-winning black belt martial artist, private pilot, scuba diver and competitive mountain biker. Additionally, he has written several books and contributed articles for various online journals.

He holds two PhDs: one in Optical Science and Engineering and another in Aerospace Systems Engineering. He lives near Huntsville with his wife Karen and daughter Kalista Jade.

He has written many books blending real-world scientific concepts with captivating narratives, as well as collaborated with other authors to craft captivating sci-fi tales. His writing career has contributed significantly to his net worth.

Personal Life

Taylor finds time to spend with his family despite all his projects. Married to Karen, they have one daughter together. Taylor lives in a private house with Stevie and Wesker their dogs as well as Kuro their cat.

Redneck rocket scientist Brian Clark is best-known for his appearances on National Geographic show Rocket City Rednecks, running two seasons with over 36 episodes that focused on backyard science experiments and Hillbilly creativity.

Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Ancient Aliens, Tesla Files and History Channel’s Curse of Oak Island. Additionally, he is leading a 2020 History Channel series about mysteries at Skinwalker Ranch, Utah where his research involves next-generation space launch concepts and space-based beamed energy systems.

Net Worth

He is a multi-talented individual with expertise as a scientist, TV personality, author and novelist. Among other works, he has written 14 science fiction novels as well as several textbooks and has appeared on countless television programs and documentaries.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering, Masters degrees in Physics and Astronomy as well as Optical Sciences and Engineering; plus two doctorates: one for Aerospace Systems Engineering and one in Optical Science and Engineering (with Ph.Ds in both subjects). Furthermore, he earned a Master’s of Physics as well as his doctorates.

He has appeared in multiple shows on the History Channel including, The Universe and Life After People, 3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar, Rocket City Rednecks, When Aliens Attack and Ancient Aliens. Additionally he hosted and led a 2020 History Channel series about Skinwalker Ranch, Utah mysteries.

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