Tim Leiweke Net Worth

Tim Leiweke Net Worth – One of the Most Influential Sports and Entertainment Executives in the World

Leiweke, an influential Democratic, has formed relationships with prominent politicians. Through his company Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment he owns both Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto FC from NHL/NBA competition as well as several other sports/entertainment properties.

He owns stakes in various businesses, such as shopping malls and Kirkus Reviews, with his company having an advantageous partnership agreement with reclusive Colorado billionaire Philip Anschutz.

Early Life and Education

Tim Leiweke is one of the world’s most prominent sports and entertainment executives, known for his dynamic leadership style and innovative spirit within his field. Oak View Group bears his name.

Leiweke’s office is filled with mementoes commemorating his successes – plaques, trophies and photographs from awards won at various competitions are proudly displayed throughout. Additionally, hanging in his bathroom is a backstage photo from President Bill Clinton speaking at the 2000 Democratic National Convention held at Staples Center due to Leiweke’s lobbying efforts.

Leiweke, who will turn 52 next month, is renowned for being an adept salesperson who can sell almost anything to any audience. His enthusiasm for projects can be infectious – an attribute both colleagues and clients praise him for; yet this same enthusiasm may also prove his greatest weakness as it makes him resistant to change when challenged on grand plans. He doesn’t take suggestions well from others who question or contradict them.

Professional Career

Tim Leiweke has established himself as one of the premier sports businessmen of our era. Beginning his career at what would eventually become AEG, and later Oak View Group (an advisory, development and investment firm in sports and entertainment industries).

He is an unflagging fundraiser for local causes and can sell an inspiring vision with ease. His efforts in bringing Staples Center and L.A. Live to Los Angeles was testament to his ability to sell civic pride.

He’s an in-the-trenches leader with expertise in building, managing, and marketing stadiums and arenas. According to those who work with him, he’s an adept salesman who emphasizes long-term goals rather than engaging in any duplicitous dealings like some sports businessmen do.

Achievement and Honors

As President and Chief Operating Officer for AEG, Leiweke overseen its vast empire which included Staples Center and L.A. Live – both multi-billion dollar convention and residential destinations – alongside Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s growth under his watch – home to Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), Major League Soccer club Toronto FC (MLS), as well as various world-class sport and entertainment facilities. Leiweke earned numerous accolades including Sports Executive of the Year from both Sports Business Journal and Los Angeles Times as well as Billboard 100 Most Powerful People in Music. Billboard 100 Most Powerful People in Music). Under his guidance Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is home to NHL hockey; NBA Raptors owned by Raptors’s owners while its parent company owning Toronto Raptors have grown substantially under Leiweke’s direction (voted Sports Executive of Year award).

Tim Leiweke’s younger brother Tod, is the CEO of the NHL team Tampa Bay Lightning. According to those familiar with both brothers, Tod embodies visionary leadership while Tim provides day-to-day operations support.

Personal Life

Leiweke lost both of his parents when he was 11; Tod was eight at the time. Leiweke sold life-insurance policies after school and at a bakery to support his family financially.

Oak View Group was co-founded by him and Irving Azoff in 2015. Since its formation, it has grown into a comprehensive management company featuring Sports and Entertainment divisions, Arena & Stadium Alliance membership, sponsorship subsidiary agreements and even venture funds that recently purchased Pollstar magazine as its portfolio company.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Bernadette, whom many associates consider his perfect match in tempering his more volatile sides. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t employ a chauffeur, personal assistant, or bodyguard and once showed up late without tickets at one of his arenas; nevertheless the security guard let him in anyway! Furthermore he’s very generous when it comes to supporting charitable initiatives both financially and through time commitments.

Net Worth

Leiweke has also proven his worth as a successful philanthropist, being known for his hands-on approach to business and participating in a number of initiatives that aim to make an impactful difference in communities around him.

Oak View Group was co-founded with former Live Nation Entertainment Inc chairman Irving Azoff as a global advisory, development, and investment firm for sports/entertainment industry in 2015. Silver Lake invested an estimated $100 Million strategic capital into this venture.

Leiweke guided MLSE through significant transitions and successes during his time there, such as helping transform the Maple Leafs and Toronto FC into winning teams; overseeing construction of Air Canada Centre; signing top players like Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe as top performers – among many other achievements.

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