Tim Hortons Oreo Donut

Tim Hortons Oreo Donut

If you love chocolate, you will surely love Tim Hortons’ Oreo Donut. This tasty treat is a chocolate donut covered with chunks of Oreo cookies and topped with an extra drizzle of vanilla. You can enjoy this donut at participating locations in the United States.

It isn’t the first time that Tim Hortons has launched an Oreo-themed donut. The company has also launched an Iced Cold Brew with an Oreo flavor. These are two new products that can be found at participating U.S. restaurants.

Tim Hortons is an international brand that has been around for years. As a Canadian-based company, they are considered a time-honoured tradition. They have spread across the country and have more than 600 locations. In the US, Tim Hortons ranks third behind Starbucks and Dunkin’.

One of the most popular Tim Hortons donuts is the Boston Cream. It is a chocolate and vanilla donut filled with cream. This is the company’s best-selling donut, and it’s a favorite amongst Canadians as well.

While the OREO Cookie Dream Donut isn’t a huge surprise, it’s a treat to see in the lineup. This delicious donut is made with a wafer design of the Oreo cookies. It’s topped with a half-and-half of an Oreo cookie and the remaining dough, and then a generous swirl of vanilla fluff icing. There are mini chocolate chips, as well as Oreo cookie pieces.

Another popular donut from Tim Hortons is the Chocolate Dip. While it lacks the cream filling of the Oreo, it does have a smooth maple-flavored icing. This is a great pairing for the creamy custard center.

The Raspberry-filled donut is another yeast-based donut that can be found all year round at Tim Hortons. It is coated with powdered sugar and injected with raspberry-flavored fruit filling.

The Apple Fritter donut is a western Canadian favorite. The dough contains 40% more apples than other similar donuts, and it is definitely worth a try. Although some people find that the batter isn’t as crisp as others, it’s still a good treat.

Besides the three donuts mentioned above, Tim Hortons offers several other delicious flavors. Their Sour Cream Glazed donut is their most popular, but they also have the Old Fashioned Plain.

Some of the other cookies-and-cream inspired items that Tim Hortons offers include the Vanilla Fluff donut, the Double Chocolate donut, and the Strawberry Confetti donut. All of the products have been handcrafted by bakers in Tims restaurants. Each of these donuts costs $1.99, and they are available at participating locations in the US.

Tim Hortons also has Cold Brew, which is a beverage that’s brewed from 100% premium Arabica beans. It’s steeped for 16 hours, and it’s available at participating locations in the US. However, these drinks aren’t ideal for people who prefer to eat a healthy diet. For those who want a sweeter drink, they can add almond milk.

To find out what other donuts are on offer at Tim Hortons, check out the company’s website. It’s also worth checking out their news blog.

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