Tidy Up Your Closet Like A Pro

You must first clear out the closet. You will also need to vacuum, mop, dust, and clean baskets and baseboards. You should also deal with any items immediately. To organize your closet, make sure to avoid plastic and wire hangers.

Leslie McKee, A Professional Organizer

Leslie McKee has been a professional organizer since June 2000. She specializes in residential and home office organizing. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and on local TV shows. Professional organizers will love her positive attitude and systematic approach to projects.

Leslie McKee has helped thousands of individuals to get organized and stay organized. Her organizational expertise helps people find their ideal homes, offices, and lives. She is a professional organizer who is certified and a member of National Association of Professional Organizers.

Combining Clothes And Other Items

Grouping your clothes by type is a great way of organizing your closet. You can group them by color, function, or work, or even by occasion. This will make your closet more organized and save you time.

It is important to decide what pieces to keep and what to get rid of. Some people prefer to group like pieces together. Some people like to keep all their work clothes together, while others like to keep casual clothes together. Hanging garment bags are great for formal clothing.

Avoid Using Wire And Plastic Hangers

Avoid using wire and plastic hangers when tidying your closet. These hangers can cause delicate clothes to look distorted and even lead to disfigurement. Instead, opt for hangers with a velvet finish, which will take up less space and help keep clothes from falling to the floor. This will also make your closet appear more organized.

Plastic hangers are inexpensive and easy to obtain, but they’re not ideal for organizing your closet. Plastic hangers are easy to slide off the surface and don’t provide adequate support for your clothes. Also, if you regularly dry clean your clothes, you shouldn’t hang them on plastic hangers. Plastic hangers trap chemicals and don’t allow fabrics to breathe. If you’re going to hang your clothes, it’s a good idea to keep similar-colored garments together.

Dealing With The Items Immediately

Keeping an inventory of your items is essential to closet organization. You want to make sure you keep everything that belongs in your closet. For example, if it takes you 15 seconds to find an item, it shouldn’t be there. Place those items in the front part of your closet.

Too much stuff is the most common cause for closet disorganization. Make a list of everything you will need in six months and then seperate the items that are not needed. These items can be placed in bags or vacuum-sealed bags. You can also donate the items to charity by taking them along to a local donation center. If an item needs repair or cleaning, take it to a cleaner or tailor right away. You can then put the donated bag in a box to donate to a local charity.

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