Thomas Wieduwilt

Thomas Wieduwilt and Lucille Kumirova

Thomas Wieduwilt is a partner at Dentons’ Frankfurt office and specializes in core real estate matters such as acquisition and disposition, property development and asset management for national and international companies. Additionally, he provides advice regarding corporate real estate solutions including tenancy and leasing agreements.

Yuliya Kumirova’s body was discovered Friday night while out patrolling near a service road in north Phoenix by a Phoenix police officer patrolling near it. The 38-year-old math and geometry teacher is presumed dead; Glendale investigators had linked her murder to 44-year-old Thomas J. Wieduwilt from her fitness club membership.

Early Life and Education

Lucille Mafaraci was born in Jersey City, NJ to Charles and Nancy Mafaraci and became one of Marshalls Cheshire CT employees for many years. She loved baking and spending time with her grandchildren – something which will surely be missed by both family and friends alike. Lucille will be greatly missed.

Investigators believe Kumirova was killed with a car anti-theft lock, after blood was discovered under her driver’s seat of her Dodge truck and bloodstains were spotted both inside his garage and his pickup. This theory was further supported by bloodstains found both within his garage and on floor mats inside it.

Police discovered Wieduwilt had links with Kumirova through their LA Fitness memberships; both she and Wieduwilt checked into gym an hour before Kumirova disappeared, as evidence gathered at both homes indicated a relationship existed between the two. Detectives also discovered maroon/red pickup truck mud stains matching those on Kumirova’s van that indicated potential evidence linking these individuals together.

Professional Career

Trevor G. Browne High School teacher Kumirova had come from Uzbekistan, a central Asian republic that once belonged to the Soviet Union, to Phoenix where she taught math and geometry classes as well as being married and parenting two daughters. Wieduwilt, 44 years old at that time and programmer/analyst at Scottsdale firm were members of LA Fitness together where evidence including mud stains on Wieduwilt’s truck as well as evidence at his home led police to suspect she may have been dumped somewhere north of Phoenix/Glendale area.

Blood-spattered clubs found under Wieduwilt’s driver seat of his pickup truck supported theories of blunt force homicide, while bloody anti-theft locks and bloody floor mats were discovered at his residence. Arizona Republic reporter Brent Whiting contributed this report.

Achievement and Honors

On December 14th 2018, Thomas Wieduwilt won the College Fed Challenge UCONN-Stamford team meeting. This event provided students an opportunity to present and discuss their ideas with guest speakers as well as get constructive feedback for preparation of final competition in March.

Yuliya Kumirova, a math and geometry teacher who had recently relocated from Uzbekistan – a former Soviet republic – was discovered on Nov. 2, 2018 near her north Phoenix home by police officers. Based on mud stains found on her car, authorities suspect Kumirova may have been murdered using an anti-theft lock installed on it.

Personal Life

Wieduwilt has long been an advocate of entrepreneurship, sharing his experiences through various platforms. He emphasizes the significance of personal development to help others find their path in life; furthermore he discusses any challenges he’s encountered along his career journey and how they were overcome.

Police reports released this week reveal that Yuliya Kumirova may have been killed with blunt force by being clubbed with an anti-theft lock from her vehicle. These findings, combined with mud stains on the driver’s seat of 44-year-old suspect’s pickup truck and blood-stained floor mats found in his attic support detectives’ suspicion that Kumirova died this way.

She is survived by two of her children: Nancy Johnson of Cheshire and Rick Johnson, Mark Wieduwilt from New Hartford CT with Karen Wieduwilt as his wife as well as three granddaughters Emma, Sara, and Clare. Private services will be conducted by Alderson-Ford Funeral Home of Cheshire 615 South Main Street for her memorial.

Net Worth

Thomas Wieduwilt and his family boast an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million, with real estate investments totalling nearly $3 Million in value. Additionally, Thomas Wieduwilt’s earnings come mainly from working in medicine as well as law.

Wieduwilt, 44, who worked for a Scottsdale firm was found dead Nov. 2 at his Glendale home. Police believe Yuliya Kumirova, 38, also killed; her body has yet to be located but bloody club marks can be seen under Wieduwilt’s truck driver seat and bloodstained floor mats were discovered at Wieduwilt’s residence; additional mud stains suggest the body may have been dumped somewhere north of Phoenix/Glendale.

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