Thomas Twiname

Thomas Twiname

Sgt. Thomas Twiname of the United States Park Police reported the incident occurred around 7:30 pm Tuesday and charged one individual.

USPP officers allege that when they attempted to detain Dalaneo Martin as part of their operation, he fled, prompting an officer inside their vehicle to fire their weapon on him, which caused his death at the scene.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Twiname was born in England in 1886 to a farming family. His formal education included primary and secondary school. Later, he earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

He has also served as a public service officer, currently stationed in northwestern Washington D.C. He has earned numerous honors and awards during his career.

He is married to Margaret Barr and has two children. His hobbies include photography, painting and gardening – he also likes traveling and spending time with his family – plus history, culture and politics as he has an eye for detail! Dedicated and caring, he makes a great companion.

Achievement and Honors

John married Margaret Twiname (nee Riley) on April 15, 1881 at age 24. Together they had six children: Isaac Hodgson Twiname, Jane Twinann and four others. John passed away in March 1936 at age 79 from natural causes.

Mothersele is looking forward to competing at both the RYA South Zone Feva Championships (Optimist Worlds and 29er Worlds), hoping to improve upon her second place finish at Weymouth last July. Coached by Richard Grainger and racing at the British Youth Championships.

Mothersele has earned numerous medals at both national and international competitions. Her first major triumph came when she won the Feva European Championship in 2006. Additionally, she took home gold medals at both Junior RS:X World Championships as well as European Championships; additionally she holds one bronze medal from those events.

Personal Life

He was an active dinghy sailor and team racer, as well as being widely respected for his Rules Book, known by all. For several years he served on the Royal Yachting Association’s Racing Rules Committee.

He leaves behind his wife and two children as well as three grandchildren.

Sgt. Thomas Twiname of USPP revealed during the press conference that 17-year-old Dalaneo Dalaneo was trying to flee police when he was shot and killed Saturday morning in Northeast Washington. When being detained by one officer, Dalaneo attempted to escape by turning off his car’s engine before allegedly dragging an officer who had just exited their vehicle before eventually colliding into nearby homes and collapsing in flames.

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