Thomas Sowell Net Worth

Thomas Sowell is an economist, historian, and social theorist known for writing multiple books. Additionally, he contributes his insights as a syndicated columnist who has played an influential role in cultural dialogue through his writings.

Sowell is well-recognized for his research into racism and economics of race. Over his career he has amassed considerable wealth.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Sowell is an esteemed American economist, historian, and social theorist who has earned numerous honors throughout his career. A senior fellow of Hoover Institution as well, Sowell has written many classic works of economics which remain timeless today.

Sowell was drafted into the US military and served during the Korean War, returning home afterwards and beginning night classes at Howard University. Soon enough he found himself excelling academically as evidenced by high exam scores and favorable recommendations from professors.

Sowell is married and the father of two children. He leads an austere lifestyle while advocating strongly for personal responsibility, frequently appearing on various TV programs to discuss his ideas.

Professional Career

Thomas Sowell is a prominent conservative economist and social philosopher known for his wide-ranging writing on numerous subjects. He has won various awards such as the Francis Boyer Award and Sydney Hook Prize, teaching at Cornell University and University of California Los Angeles while holding positions with think tanks such as Urban Institute.

He has published over 45 books covering topics spanning economics, history, social policy and race relations. Additionally, he is a widely syndicated columnist who contributes regularly to Forbes magazine and National Review – in addition to being a senior fellow at Hoover Institution and translations into several languages of his works being made available as online publications.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Sowell is a distinguished fellow of the Hoover Institution and author of numerous books. As an accomplished speaker and lecturer he has taught in multiple universities around the country. Sowell’s scholarship has earned him many accolades such as Francis Boyer Award and National Humanities Medal; additionally he was honored with Bradley Prize award.

Sowell was born into segregated Gastonia, North Carolina and later raised in Harlem in New York City. After leaving Stuyvesant High School early and working various jobs he eventually started taking night classes at Howard University; later moving onto Harvard.

Sowell overcame his disability to become an outstanding professor and author, becoming an honorary member of both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as receiving both the National Humanities Medal and Bradley Prize awards.

Personal Life

Thomas Sowell was born June 30th 1930 in Gastonia North Carolina. He is best known as an African-American conservative author and columnist who specializes in economics and American culture, his books being honored with multiple literary honors such as Francis Boyer Award and National Humanities Medal awards. Sowell also published an article that directly criticised George W Bush.

He is often invited as a guest on radio and television programs, is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, and an internationally acclaimed academic economist renowned for publishing numerous books including Marxist economic theory and education studies.

Mary Ash and he share two children together. Prior to Mary Ash, he was previously married for four years to Alma Jean Parr from 1964 – 1975.

Net Worth

Thomas Sowell is a highly esteemed economist, social theorist, and writer who is widely revered in modern economic thought circles. His books and articles have had great influence in shaping modern economic thought. Additionally, Thomas has taught at multiple universities and colleges.

He is the recipient of numerous literary accolades, including the Francis Boyer Award and National Humanities Medal, as well as being an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Sowell has amassed significant wealth through writing and speaking engagements, as well as from teaching jobs that have earned significant sums of money for him.

He is married, with two children named John and Lauren. His first marriage was from 1964-1975 to Alma Jean Parr; later, in 1981, he wed Mary Ash. As an accomplished social figure and global influencer, his influence is unparalleled.

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