Thomas Scroggins

Thomas Scroggins, 76, of Cumming, GA, Passed Away Friday

Thomas Scroggins, 76, from Cumming, GA passed away peacefully Friday at Pleasant Hill Full Gospel Church.

He graduated from East High School in Sioux City, IA, and retired business owner. In his free time he enjoys fishing, family time and making people laugh.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Scroggins is an attorney specializing in labor and employment law. As a partner at Burr & Forman, Thomas provides advice to employers regarding union avoidance campaigns; negotiates contracts; designs policies; advises employers during union avoidance campaigns; designs policies for local, regional and international clients as well as being an avid speaker on all things employment-related.

He hails from Phenix City and attended the University of Alabama. A member of Pleasant Hill Full Gospel Church and actively involved with community service efforts, he is also father to three children and six grandchildren.

Dora Scroggins was predeceased by both of her parents, Thomas James and Amanda Francis Dean Scroggins, but is survived by William Scroggins – her beloved partner of 55 years; their two sons Brian Thomas and Jeremy Scroggins; granddaughter Peyton Olivia; great grandson Jack Daniel; as well as many other loving family members.

Professional Career

Thomas Scroggins is an experienced labor lawyer who specializes in union matters. With extensive family experience in labor relations and an understanding of workplace regulations and laws, as well as two decades’ worth of work in health care, industrial manufacturing, and food processing industries under his belt he can assist businesses comply with labor laws.

His first book, Family Honor, tells the tale of Ben Scroggins, a World War II prisoner of war who returns home only to find that life has moved on without him. Packed with drama, suspense and romance this story should appeal to fans of family stories with an edge. Ben attended Pleasant Hill Full Gospel Church in Dawsonville Georgia with Helen Anderson Scroggins by his side; son Tommy Scroggins married Angela Scroggins while daughters Regina Tinsley Bryan Tinsley LezlieAnn Kimbral along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren of their own.

Achievement and Honors

Scroggins was honored with several high school journalism awards as a journalist. These included: RNE-TV Award; Lantern Literary Magazine Award (literary magazine); Legend Yearbook Award and Round-Up Middle Yearbook Yearbook Award (yearbook).

He had a history of psychological issues and did not show appropriate responses to stress, such as torturing cats and physically fighting with girlfriends; further, he made statements alleging others of trying to kill him.

Although this does not provide legal or practical justification for his crime, it shows that he remains an unreliable member of society and poses a danger to others. Additionally, there has been no indication of regret for his act, suggesting he won’t become part of society again anytime soon.

Personal Life

Thomas Scroggins passed away peacefully at his Paris, Georgia residence on January 11, 2010 at age 76. A member of Pleasant Hill Full Gospel Church in Dawsonville, he enjoyed fishing and making people laugh. Thomas leaves behind his wife Helen Anderson and son Tony Kimbral who survive him.

At the hearing for a new trial, the district court played a recording purporting to be of Scroggins and Bryant discussing paying Young off to testify against them.

The court determined that Young’s testimony was material but did not elaborate on any specific findings upon which its decision was based or explain why Young did not feel intimidated from appearing to testify.

Net Worth

Thomas Scroggins estimated net worth stands at over $2.71 Million dollars as of August 1, 2023. He owns 5,558 units of Allison Transmission Holdings Inc (ALSN) stock and has made more than 50 trades of ALSN shares since 2012 according to Form 4 filings with the SEC.

Tom Scroggins is a partner at Burr & Forman law firm and heads its Labor & Employment practice group. His practice areas of specialty include labor relations, employment defense litigation and compliance counseling – and often advises employers during union avoidance campaigns, negotiates collective bargaining agreements or designs policies for local, regional and national companies.

He finds great pleasure in fishing and travel to the mountains in his free time, while making people smile with laughter. In Dawsonville, Georgia he belongs to Pleasant Hill Full Gospel Church where he serves on their Elder Board.

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