Thomas Scholl

Thomas Scholl was an inspiration to those he encountered. He believed in working hard towards reaching goals, never giving up even when times got difficult and never giving in when challenges presented themselves.

Graduate of Purdue University with degrees in philosophy and literature, Tom currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council at Stevens Institute of Technology as well as being honored with their Distinguished Alumni Award in 2009. In addition, his patent portfolio encompasses software applications for digital telephone systems as well as Internet telephony technologies.

Early Life and Education

Scholl siblings were raised by their parents to value education, free speech, critical thought and independent reasoning. Both their parents were opposed to Nazi Germany from an early stage and encouraged lively dinner table debates about its policies.

Margaret Scholl Hood was one of Frederick’s earliest philanthropists, known for her thoughtful, discriminating generosity; concern for others and enthusiastic support of good works; as well as her vibrant nature and cheerful disposition. Additionally, Margaret served on various civic organizations and founded a local charity home for seniors.

Tom was the proud father of five children and 10 grandchildren, leaving behind his adoring wife of 54 years, Barb; daughters Tina Rosenberg-Scholl of St Paul Minnesota and Julia (Shane) Holdridge from Dubuque Iowa as well as sons Dan from Columbus OH and Tom from Hilliard Ohio as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Thomas Scholl was an inspirational leader who relished working as part of a team. From wearing his warm unicorn coat on playground duty to inviting all his teachers and support staff over for morning coffee, Thomas Scholl always made them feel valued and special.

Cognio was one of the pioneers in software radio, cognitive spectrum management, and MIMO antenna technology. Additionally, he served as venture partner at Novak Biddle as well as on boards such as Paratek (which was acquired by RIM/Blackberry), Command Information, Woodwind Communications and Vubiquity.

He held multiple patents related to software and digital wireless telephone systems and networks, serving on multiple patent committees at different times and as chairman for Research Enterprise & Technology Commercialization committee of University of Maryland Foundation Board and Clark School board of visitors.

Achievement and Honors

Scholl was honored as both a College Board AP Scholar with Distinction and Principal’s Scholarship award recipient during his time at Stevens. Additionally, he obtained his B.A. in philosophy and literature.

He founded several successful start-up companies, including Telogy Networks and Hughes Network Systems, as well as serving on the University of Maryland Foundation board as trustee. Additionally, he served as Chairman of A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Board of Visitors at University.

Annual cash awards given at school recognition ceremonies to the graduate who best exemplifies consideration for others within their campus community, in memory of Susan Hitz Scholl ’73.

Personal Life

Tom Scholl is a founding partner at Novak Biddle Venture Partners based out of Bethesda, Maryland. He has held board membership at multiple high-tech start-up companies such as Paratek (acquired by RIM/Blackberry), Command Information, Woodwind Communications, Princeton Optronics and Fiberzone; in addition to holding patents related to software and digital telephone systems.

Other interests of his include hiking, gardening and playing his flute. With his wife he is proud of Christopher and Kevin as well as of Brooke, Brittany Bridget and Emily who all reside with them.

The family would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Stonehill Care Center and Hospice of Dubuque staff for their kindness. Donations may be made directly to these organizations or memorial donations may be sent directly to Sacred Heart Catholic School instead.

Net Worth

Calculating net worth requires adding together the value of assets with liabilities owed, including cash, checking and savings accounts as well as investments such as stocks or mutual funds. Property can also be factored into this calculation.

Telogy Networks was his flagship venture and produced and marketed digital cellular technology products. Additionally, he served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the A. James Clark School of Engineering of University of Maryland while serving on its Board of Visitors.

He was a Venture Partner with Novak Biddle Venture Partners of Bethesda, MD, serving on Centice, Paratek, Woodwind Communications Princeton Optronics and Fiberzone Networks boards previously. Additionally he held several patents covering software, hardware and telecommunications systems.

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