Thomas Ruggiero

Thomas Ruggiero

Thomas Ruggiero was a World War II Veteran and avid golfer who spent winters in Florida. He is survived by Jean Barry and Shirley Garripoli as well as several nieces and nephews.

He was a dedicated partner in his family garden center business and also held local fire captain duties.

Early Life and Education

Ruggiero served in the Army during World War II and earned two Purple Hearts for his combat service. Following the war, he settled down into small-town life, married a wife from his service branch, worked at his fire department’s model homes to inform children of smoke inhalation dangers and built model houses to teach children the dangers associated with smoke inhalation.

In 1981, FBI agents working on loansharking and illegal gambling cases obtained a court order to wiretap Ruggiero’s phone in order to listen in on conversations between him and Gambino family underboss John Gotti.

Ruggiero was also responsible for editing 1975 film Boss Nigger and 1976’s Paesano: A Voice in the Night, both released that same year. Additionally, in 1979 he edited television show H.R. Pufnstuf as well as editing 1988 low budget film Cry Wilderness where he also served as associate producer.

Professional Career

Ruggiero utilized his theatrical talents to present entertaining shows for fellow soldiers on the battlefield. For his services, he was honored with being named a chevalier of the French Legion of Honor and in 2009 was invited to attend celebrations marking 65th Anniversary of D-Day commemorations with President Barack Obama shaking hands at that occasion.

Ruggiero also served as coach of Hofstra football team, helping quarterback Anton Clarkson and Rocky Butler earn All-CAA accolades, along with wide receiver Freddie Barnes. Since establishing AXA Agency to work with AUL/New England Financial he has maintained the same contact information.

Plaintiffs claim that Ruggiero violated the terms of his contract with AUL by recruiting and training career agents to sell insurance and annuities not governed by federal securities law as well as Crump’s unaffiliated financial products, receiving commissions totalling tens of thousands of dollars for their sales.

Achievement and Honors

Ruggiero has helped Wake Forest set numerous offensive records over the last six seasons. Alongside head coach Dave Clawson, they set new marks in points per game, total offensive yards, passing yard average and mentoring quarterbacks like Anton Clarkson and future New Orleans Saints star Rocky Butler.

In 2009, this war veteran was honored with induction into the French Legion of Honor. He spoke at schools and wrote a Rangers song; over time however, his attitude mellowed significantly – eventually leading him to shake hands with President Obama at D-Day 65th Anniversary events.

Professor Ruggiero is an amazing guy with an awesome personality. He’s great fun, has an interest in multimedia journalism, but can sometimes be unreliable with assignments and can be harsh on students due to unfair grading policies.

Personal Life

Tom believes the best way to help clients is to have an in-depth knowledge of their goals and objectives, before creating an individualized financial plan tailored specifically to them. He finds great joy in helping individuals realize their financial dreams.

Ruggiero was well known throughout Plymouth as a decorated WWII hero who served in Dog Company and earned himself the French Legion of Honor for his heroic acts at Pointe du Hoc. He often spoke about his experience to schoolchildren and sang the Ranger song; additionally, in 1984 he accompanied President Ronald Reagan for the 40th Anniversary Commemoration of D-Day commemorations.

Ruggiero was then placed into lower-level rackets that required him to possess intelligence and business sense – such as Paul Castellano’s heroin smuggling operation headed up by Aniello Dellacroce and Aniello Dellacroce himself, where Ruggiero eventually died at age 84.

Net Worth

Thomas Anthony Ruggiero has amassed wealth through applying his extensive financial knowledge across a range of investments. For over 30 years he has served as a leader in the industry and received multiple accolades from Fortune 100 banks for his exceptional business acumen and exceptional results.

He joined the Bonanno crime family organization as a street soldier under Caporegime Michael Sabella and soon found success in bookmaking, extortion and loansharking rackets. He was described as 6-foot tall man with narrow facial features such as intense eyes and an audibly raspy voice due to chain smoking English Oval cigarettes.

Ruggiero became Donnie Brasco’s mentor after being introduced by Anthony Mirra, one of Joseph Pistone’s original targets in infiltrating truck hijacking and fencing rings.

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