Thomas Noto

Thomas Noto

Thomas Noto is the Managing Director at Audax Group. He specializes in providing capital to middle-market companies. With more than two decades of experience in finance and investment banking, Thomas Noto can bring vital expertise to this role.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Noto was raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. At United States Military Academy at West Point he excelled both athletically and academically as a linebacker on football team as well as being named Academic All-American and graduating as top mechanical engineering major of his class.

Thomas has proven himself an outspoken champion of the Constitution and its original meaning throughout his time on the court, writing numerous conservative decisions including those found in District of Columbia v. Heller (a landmark gun rights case) and Gonzales v. Raich (campaign finance law case that showcased his ease at overturning decades-old precedent). Additionally, Thomas advocates “originalism”, an approach to constitutional interpretation which adheres closely to text of Constitution.

Professional Career

Thomas Noto is an experienced consultant in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device regulatory affairs. He has led and provided services such as process and workflow excellence, eCTD publishing and document management.

He is also a physical therapist, equipped with the expertise to alleviate patient discomfort and restore mobility following injury or disease. Over the course of his career, he has provided care for those experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain disorders, post-cancer treatment pain relief issues, hypermobility syndromes such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as well as hypermobility syndromes like Ehlers-Danlos.

Noto attributes his success to keeping an open mind, gathering all information and perspectives available and being selfless in business decisions. He likens this approach to that used by NBA superstar Steph Curry who makes all those around him better; Noto believes he can replicate these traits in his business career as well.

Achievement and Honors

Noto was honored with numerous academic honors during his time at university, serving on Dean’s Council and being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. Additionally, Noto made headlines as an outstanding linebacker on football team.

Noto was also known for his commercial art and acting abilities. Early in his career, Noto performed Chekhov and Ibsen plays at New York City libraries and churches before writing and directing short patriotic plays for YMCA events.

He jokes about his association with THE FANTASTICKS as being like serving “life”. Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt’s off-Broadway musical premiered to mixed reviews in 1960 but was nurtured by Noto into becoming theatre history’s longest running show.

Personal Life

Thomas Noto is currently the Managing Director at Audax Group, a private debt investment firm. Prior to this role, Thomas held several increasingly responsible roles at People’s United Bank and GE Capital during over 25 years in finance, accounting, risk management, quality and new business development roles.

He belonged to a generation of children growing up during World War II who watched with wide eyes the revolutionary young men of bebop like Bird and Diz, then learned their intricate, hip, tastefully melodic lines on piano and trumpet.

He was also a proficient arranger and composed much of his own music for small ensembles during his time in Toronto. He made frequent performances at jazz clubs as a soloist as well as section man recordings with Xanadu Records; their final recording featured two of his original compositions – Noto-riety and Notes to You.

Net Worth

Noto currently serves as CEO of soFi and was previously CFO and COO for both Twitter and the National Football League. With an estimated net worth of $104 Million, he and wife Kristin Noto have five children together.

At Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in New York City, he excelled as both a linebacker on West Point’s football team and graduated as the highest-ranked mechanical engineering major of his class. Later completing Army Ranger School he went on to serve at Fort Stewart in Georgia before eventually retiring as an officer in 2016.

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