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Thomas M. Meigs

Whilst architects often take center stage, many of America’s greatest buildings would not exist without engineers’ involvement – this is particularly true of the United States Capitol building.

Meigs played an instrumental role in developing Arlington National Cemetery during the American Civil War and designed its Unknowns Monument.

Early Life and Education

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and had dedicated most of his life to agricultural pursuits. He owned stores in Meigs and McMinn counties and ran a livestock business as well.

After graduating from the University of Georgia, Meigs was appointed Surveyor General by President James Madison and served in this capacity until 1810.

Meigs was responsible for creating the University of Georgia’s inaugural physics curriculum during his time there, in addition to serving as professor of mathematics and natural philosophy.

Meigs became quartermaster general of the army until his death in 1902. During this period, he became widely renowned for his efficiency and strict honesty, his work greatly improving logistical preparations of the army.

Professional Career

Meigs held many political offices. He served as Ohio governor, fifth postmaster general and United States senator; helped write regulations for what became Northwest Territory; was also an accomplished surveyor; named for Meigs village located southeastern Ohio.

Meigs entered medical school during an era in which miasma theory was the prevalent belief. Additionally, during his early practice years when germ theory first emerged he found it repugnant and hostile towards it.

He worked in engineering projects for the Corps of Engineers during the American Civil War, renowned for keeping supply lines moving while also completing important infrastructure projects. A staunch American soldier, he displayed strong work ethics.

Achievement and Honors

After an impressive career in the Corps of Engineers, Meigs was appointed quartermaster general. This role perfectly fit his organizational and managerial talents; Meigs created massive depots to help ensure supply lines stayed open throughout the Civil War – Secretary of State William Seward acknowledged Meigs for helping secure victory for Union forces.

Following the end of the American Civil War, Congress passed legislation expanding pension benefits for more veterans and their survivors/dependents, significantly expanding staff at the Pension Bureau requiring larger offices and buildings. Meigs designed and constructed what now houses the National Building Museum.

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Personal Life

While Meigs made an immeasurable mark on our nation, he was also an exemplary family man. Married twice and father of at least seven children. Member of various professional organizations; author of numerous publications. Appeared on both NBC and MSNBC as military analyst.

Meigs was appointed quartermaster general during the American Civil War. He is widely renowned for overseeing supply lines that moved efficiently for Union Army forces while overseeing construction of numerous government buildings in Washington, D.C.

Meigs’ most lasting contribution may be his involvement with the Capitol Dome and extension. While architect Thomas U. Walter is generally credited as its designer, Meigs played an essential part in its construction and funding – his engineering, management and administrative skills can be seen throughout its structure.

Net Worth

Thomas Meigs currently holds the SVP/Senior Lender position of Auburn National Bancorp Inc (AUBN). His net worth is estimated to be around $119,850; according to insider trading records he owns 5,577 shares of AUBN.

Meigs is located within Thomas County in Georgia and designated a Census-designated place (C1 CCD). Its formal boundaries extend into Mitchell County; thus creating an extremely rural atmosphere and boasting less than 1,000 residents.

Meigs is one of the most frequently seen surnames across North America, being especially prevalent in Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand. Pronounced “meegs”, its German origin makes this surname one of the most beloved ones; WikiTree members have helped build its family tree to include Meigs members – feel free to edit or add people if desired!

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