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Thomas Lures – The Story Behind the Thomas Lure

Thomas Lures have long been satisfying anglers at Hawley, Pennsylvania’s famous trout streams, rivers, lakes and ponds with their fishing lures for over fifty years. Thomas’ production center produces fishing lures tailored specifically to Hawley.

Their Buoyant Spoons feature an unpredictable wobbling action that resembles fleeing baitfish trying to avoid predators, making them popular with fishermen across the world. Trolled or jigged versions are available and make an ideal way to chase prey away.

Early Life and Education

Richard Shubert immigrated from Czechoslovakia with dreams of producing fishing lures in America, starting his Thomas Lures business near Lake Wallenpaupack. Later he relocated his factory there as well.

Thomas Buoyant lures are among the most effective spinning spoon lures for trout and other game fish, thanks to their erratic action that simulates fleeing baitfish when predators close in on them. Plus, their jewelry-grade baked-on enamel finish adds extra appeal that compels fish to strike!

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Professional Career

Thomas was subjected to some form of racism from some classmates; nevertheless he managed to attain excellent grades and become involved with the Black Student Union at Holy Cross. Additionally, he led an anti-Vietnam War demonstration while acting as a summer intern with an Atlanta civil rights law firm.

Thomas advanced a more focused examination of conservative political thought during the 1980s, including theories of natural law which assert that laws and rights stem from nature rather than society. Additionally, he gave more frequent public speeches.

Thomas Lures have been creating world-famous trout lures in Hawley, Pennsylvania for over sixty five years. These distinctive spoon lures can be cast or trolled to produce an unpredictable action similar to baitfish fleeing predators; their jewelry-quality finishes have proven popular with anglers from all areas across the United States and internationally.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Mann may never have imagined when he designed his Thomas Buoyant spoon lure on his kitchen table that it would become one of the world’s most beloved fishing lures. Cast or trolled, this lure mimics fleeing baitfish to draw even wary fish into striking. Additionally, its highly reflective surface and embossed half-scale minnow pattern serve as powerful attractants that encourage striking.

Over the years, he has won many awards from both the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as well as PA Federation of Sportsmen and Conservationists for his tireless promotion and teaching of fly fishing to children as well as hosting lure shows in Carlisle. Additionally, he is widely known as an author of several books related to bass fishing.

Personal Life

Tom made fishing and lure manufacturing his life’s work, building up one of the premier bass lure manufacturers worldwide.

Cast or trolled, the Thomas Cyclone lure’s unpredictable action mimics fleeing baitfish to tempt even wary fish into striking. Additionally, its jewelry-grade baked-on enamel finish adds durability.

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Net Worth

Since making their appearance on Shark Tank in 2018, their game-changing lure that mimics real fish movements has earned rave reviews, steadily growing their net worth since and projected for expansion through 2023.

The Thomas Buoyant spoon lure has long been used to catch trout. Its unique action mimics that of fleeing baitfish and encourages predators to strike at it, all the while boasting a jewelry-quality baked enamel finish for added attraction.

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