Thomas Kunk

Thomas Kunk is an American Army officer serving as Commanding Officer of Fort Campbell in Arkansas. The unit under his command is widely known for being one of the toughest units within the Army with soldiers often turning violent or taking their lives due to severe treatment from superior officers.

After John Diem reported the rape/murder, Colonel Kunk headed directly for checkpoints where Cortez, Barker and Spielman were assigned. He questioned them regarding this incident but they all denied being involved.

Early Life and Education

He belonged to the Congregational Church, with his father Lyman serving as minister. Henry Ward (a minister and abolitionist activist), Harriet Porter Beecher (author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin), George, William, Catherine, Edward Mary and Charles all became prominent religious leaders in their own right.

Radin Mas Primary and Gan Eng Seng Secondary Schools were his educational foundations before graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Communication and Media Studies. While there, he held internships as well as main roles on TSL video series “Singaporeans Try”.

Starting in 2016, Thomas has regularly uploaded YouTube vlogs about aspects of his life to his channel. Inspired by American YouTuber Casey Neistat, Thomas’ videos often highlight friends, family members, StarCraft 2 tournaments and major milestones in his life.

Professional Career

Kunk was responsible for identifying, advising on, and resolving a broad array of legal issues including government contracting/subcontracting, export/import compliance, corporate governance, labor/employment law, government cost accounting, intellectual property rights management litigation management as well as other complex commercial matters. She is survived by three children: Linda May of St Henry; Rob & Patty Kunk of New Knoxville and Dan Kunk from Coldwater; seven grandchildren including Daniel Hogenkamp Payton Logan Andrew Kunk Mariah Hancock Mariah Cory Hancock Jaime Wellman Pete Wellman Dakota Brunswick as well as nieces & nephews from Coldwater; she is predeceased by her son Nicholas Kunk who passed away shortly before her.

Fort Campbell soldiers aren’t immune from mental health issues, and its commander, Lt. Col. Tom Kunk is at his wit’s end trying to stem a troubling spike in suicides. Lt. Col. Kunk claims relationship problems created after returning from overseas deployment are often to blame for such acts of self-destruction.

Achievement and Honors

Lieutenant Colonel Todd Ebel was given a task by his superiors to secure an area in Iraq known as the Triangle of Death, so he sent in 502nd Brigade which became known by its soldiers as Black Hearts due to the patch that would be sewn onto each helmet.

Soon enough, an overwhelming sense of despair was beginning to spread amongst their platoon. Their commander seemed more concerned with looking pristine on paper than with managing reality on the ground.

Personal Life

Mary Adele Kunk was an adored wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who found great pleasure in doing crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles as well as gardening and tending her flowers. She leaves behind children, grandchildren and stepgrandchildren as she leaves this world behind.

Colonel Todd Ebel had given Lieutenant Colonel Tom Kunk, then the newly appointed commander of the 2nd Brigade, of the 101st Airborne Division, command of an area known as “Triangle of Death” near urban centers in eastern Ohio and Wisconsin. Kunk would refer to his men under him as his boys; should any perform poorly they would hear it from him personally.

Fort Campbell has seen an alarming spike in suicides over recent months, even among its most hardened soldiers. Lt. Col. Tom Kunk, as base commander, has become aware of every suicide. This situation has become unbearable for everyone at Fort Campbell.

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