Thomas Klingenstein

Thomas Klingenstein

Thomas Klingenstein is the managing partner of New York investment firm Cohen Klingenstein LLC and board chairman for Claremont Institute – as well as one of the main financiers for rightwing think tanks.

Since 2005, he has funded the institute via IRS filings. Additionally, he has supported hardline conservative groups such as American Firebrand Pac, which spent $500,000 running text message attacks against Democratic governors who put gay books in schools.

Early Life and Education

Thomas attended Amherst College, playing lacrosse and serving in the Newman Club. Additionally, he served in the Peace Corps teaching agriculture in Swaziland before transitioning into investment advisory work – currently managing partner of Cohen Klingenstein, LLC with multiple non-profit boards on which to sit.

He has funded the Claremont Institute, a rightwing think tank that promotes an extreme version of conservative politics in 2022. They released videos warning about American conservatism’s conflict with “woke communists” while alleging that education, media and business operate like totalitarian regimes.

His super PAC, Esther A & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, has contributed generously to several candidates – such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis – as well as organizations which spread false claims regarding Hillary Clinton’s electoral college loss and subsequent Capitol riot.

Professional Career

Since its founding, the Klingenstein Center has placed great emphasis on cohort building and collaborative learning. Alumni often find the bonds formed among their cohorts one of the most meaningful aspects of participating in its program.

Klingenstein’s private foundation funds several Claremont Institute offshoots, such as American Strategy Group which claims to understand “existential threats to both Western Civilization and America”. Additionally, their family has donated to political action committees (PACs) such as Firebrand Pac that have promoted candidates in 2021 and 2022 elections.

But while major donors like Mercer, Uihlein, and Yass typically let their donations do the talking without much public commentary, Klingenstein seems eager to use his wealth for hard-edged rightwing politics. He has given maximum donations to candidates such as Vance and Masters as well as to the Club for Growth Action Pac, which supported candidates such as Maine Governor Paul LePage and Missouri Senate candidate Eric Schmitt.

Achievement and Honors

Klingenstein has enjoyed immense acclaim for his work and has received multiple honors in recognition. Through building strong bonds with people from different cultural backgrounds, he has found immense success in his career and achieved much. Klingenstein is continually working towards meeting his goals, which will no doubt become household names one day soon!

He has long supported rightwing organizations and advanced their positions publicly. A major contributor to Claremont Institute – known for its anti-elitist agenda and pro-Trump leanings.

He donated to Firebrand Pac, an apocalyptic vision of civil war in America. Additionally, he supported research into child psychiatry and mental health research. Through these community ties he is well known worldwide.

Personal Life

Over time, the Klingenstein family has made significant philanthropic contributions across several areas – science, education and mental health being among their primary focuses. To facilitate their giving efforts, the Esther A and Joseph Klingenstein Fund (EAJK Fund) serves as their main charitable vehicle.

Thomas Klingenstein is a partner at a New York investment firm and chairman of the Claremont Institute, a conservative California think tank. This institute promotes hardline rightwing politics; their website highlights an aggressive brand of rightwing rhetoric which asserts liberals are engaged in an on-going civil war with “woke communists”.

Campaign Finance records reveal that the EAJK Fund contributed funds to Republican candidate Paul LePage of Maine as well as to American Principles Project ads against Democratic Gov. Janet Mills accusing her of inserting controversial books into schools.

Net Worth

Klingenstein is one of the richest individuals worldwide and one of the richest individuals overall. Additionally, he is renowned as an active philanthropist who has donated large sums of money to numerous causes over time.

He is the founding Chairman of FilmRise, a film and television distribution company. Additionally, he sits on several other company Boards and possesses extensive financial knowledge – having made some wise investments over time.

He is one of the largest donors to the Claremont Institute, giving him considerable influence over its direction. Currently he’s focused on forging his own reputation as a “culture warrior” while pushing his vision of an impending cold civil war in America. With Benzinga Pro you get all of the insider intelligence you need to make smart trading decisions: real-time market news updates, audio squawks, interactive data tools and much more – sign up now and begin your free trial today.

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