Thomas Horner

Thomas Horner, a Partner at Brighton Partners, Has Passed Away

Thomas Horner was an extraordinary individual who cared deeply about everyone – most especially his family. He enjoyed traveling, taking pictures and skiing during wintertime.

Brighton Partners had him as one of their partners and provided services in areas including systems, reporting, procurement and business improvement initiatives for clients.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Horner was born in Skipton, England as the eldest of five children and lived with them on Commercial Street. Unfortunately two younger brothers passed away quickly – one at eighteen months [1].

His senior project comparing dinosaur fossils from Montana with Alberta impressed the judge, who invited him to study geology at the University of Montana. Unfortunately, Horner eventually abandoned this plan and instead became an amateur truck driver while spending weekends hunting for dinosaur fossils.

Horner holds that Triceratops and Torosaurus are one in the same species, an opinion not shared by all paleontologists. He currently holds positions as Regents Professor of Palaeontology and Presidential Fellow at Chapman University in California as well as serving as consulting scientist to National Geographic.

Professional Career

Horner works closely with portfolio company personnel on systems, reporting, procurement and business improvement initiatives as part of his role at Brighton Partners. Additionally, he assists clients with business development and financing activities.

Horner was so inspired by his senior project comparing dinosaur fossils from Montana and Alberta that an enthusiastic judge awarded him a geology scholarship to university. While working full time driving trucks for income support, on weekends Horner would spend his time searching for dinosaur remains.

Has collaborated with directors Don Bluth, James Cameron and Ron Howard; songwriters Will Jennings and Barry Mann; producers George Lucas, David Kirschner and Lawrence Gordon as well as writing music for Horsemen P-51 aerobatic team – earning two Academy Awards for film scores!

Achievement and Honors

Horner built upon his debate experience at DeLaSalle High School to enter a career that would utilize his rhetorical abilities. For over 35 years, he served Minnesota Multi Housing Association as its legal counsel and lobbyist – playing an essential role in shaping state landlord-tenant law according to John Elwood, president of this organization.

Horner has also found success as an award-winning chef and entrepreneur, winning awards and being featured in publications; authoring several books; being appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (2012); receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Queen Elizabeth University (2010); as well as writing scores for films Avatar, Cristiada, and Black Gold.

Personal Life

Tom Horner was an adoring husband, father, grandfather and brother who is survived by his beloved wife of 42 years, Maxine; their two children Douglas Edwards of North Hero and Erica Newton from Sheldon; Kaia Milo Liam as well as sister Judi of California as well as brother Robert who lives in Massachusetts.

Carey resided with his family at 104 Millfields in Skipton, Yorkshire [1,] which were row houses to the south of Water Street. By 1851 the family had lost two of its youngest members: John aged three and Mark aged two – along with Esther his grandmother Esther. As a way to deal with their loss Carey began writing Namby Pamby ballads featuring Jack Horner as an allusion to Ambrose Philips the poet.

Net Worth

Christian Horner is one of the richest individuals working in Formula 1. He owns a significant stake in Mercedes, which he purchased for around $50m in 2012, and his team have won several constructors’ championships under his leadership.

He owns shares in numerous other motorsport teams, such as BMW in IMSA, Formula E, GT and DTM. Red Bull Racing is thought to earn him over $10m each year.

Personal Details: In his personal life, he has one daughter from an earlier relationship. Six months after her birth he began dating former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and they later wed. Together they now share one son.

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