Thomas Hanify

Thomas Hanify

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Tom specializes in brownfields development and regulatory compliance for both public and private entities, representing them at both state Supreme and Appellate Court hearings.

He has also served as an adjunct professor for Suffolk University’s Environmental Law program.

Early Life and Education

Hanify earned his bachelor of economics at the University of Minnesota before studying law at Boston College and being admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1960. Following this he worked for various firms such as Ropes & Gray where he eventually became partner in their litigation department; during which time he conducted many jury and non-jury cases on behalf of business clients as well as commercial arbitrations – in addition to authoring articles and lecturing on topics regarding business litigation.

Hanify represented various clients during his career, ranging from financial institutions and real estate developers to real estate developers. He had extensive knowledge in federal securities laws, ERISA fiduciary duty issues and lender liability as well as many corporate and government investigations. Furthermore, he served on multiple boards including New England Telephone, AT&T and State Street Bank.

Professional Career

Tom Hanify has been serving the Indianapolis Fire Department and its union for over four decades. During that time, he served as president of Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Association Local 416 for ten years and now sits on its board. Additionally, Hanify represents his union as service representative on National Fire Protection Association 1710 Committee as well as teaching management-union leadership cooperative best practices at Labor Management Alliance facilitator classes. Hanify earned both degrees at Wesleyan University and Northeastern University School of Law before being honored to become trustee for Hanify-Howland Lecture Series at College of Holy Cross.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1965, Holy Cross University’s Hanify-Howland Lecture Series has brought notable speakers to campus in honor of Judge Edward F. Hanify a 1904 graduate. These speakers include astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; Associate Justice Clarence Thomas from the U.S. Supreme Court ’71; investigative journalist Bob Woodward; Steven D. Levitt who co-wrote “Freakonomics” and “Superfreakonomics,” as well as award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien among many others.

Each Hanify-Howland speaker also hosts an intimate seminar prior to their lecture to engage students directly and enable a greater understanding of issues they address in their lectures and expand the reach of their work. Each year’s Hanify-Howland speaker is selected by a committee of Holy Cross students.

Personal Life

Thomas Hanify is married for four years and has three children. For 40 years he was a firefighter on the Indianapolis Fire Department before retiring in 2021 and later becoming an LMA facilitator where he taught union leadership and cooperative best practices to students of the Indianapolis Fire Academy.

He has overseen numerous projects throughout his career, such as renovating the Indianapolis Convention Center and building Indiana Statehouse. Additionally, he has served on multiple boards and committees, such as Indianapolis Board of Firefighting Standards.

Thomas Hanify loves traveling and has visited over 30 countries. Additionally, he volunteers at Near Eastside Multiservice Center as an active member. Create a free family tree for Thomas Hanify to connect with distant relatives.

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