Thomas Feeney

Thomas Feeney

Thomas Feeney is a board-certified cardiologist in Daly City, CA with over 31 years of experience as a graduate from CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY.

Tom has spent over two decades advocating in Tallahassee and Washington for responsible health care reform, growth initiatives in aerospace, modeling, simulation and high-tech manufacturing as well as economic policies which promote free enterprise.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Feeney was an integral member of Kingston Community for years, feeding numerous birds and animals that visited his doorstep as well as taking in injured wildlife he found wandering about – something he continued doing his entire life.

Feeney utilized his time at HUD to tackle numerous issues related to housing for the poor, urban renewal and human rights. Throughout this period he built relationships with various local and national organizations, banks and real estate developers in order to advance his causes.

In 2011, Gates joined Buffett and Gates in signing the Giving Pledge, an initiative encouraging wealthy individuals to give away most of their wealth while still alive in order to increase philanthropy worldwide. He signed the Pledge as part of this campaign. The pledge aims to spur others who are wealthy to follow his example and increase philanthropy worldwide.

Professional Career

Thomas Feeney is an exceptional strategist with decades of leadership experience. He possesses both the contacts and vision to foster growth while clearing away obstacles for clients of his firm. Additionally, Thomas boasts significant federal government advocacy expertise as well as state law and legislative knowledge.

Tom is well-versed in local and state politics, with an exceptional understanding of Florida policy. As part of Florida’s legislature he served in, Tom gained expertise in local and state politics – an experience which proved instrumental in pushing forward initiatives such as I-4 Hi-Tech Corridor development, Lake Nona’s Medical City development, UCF Nursing School growth as well as aerospace and simulation development.

He represented Florida’s 24th congressional district for six years as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and maintained a successful private law practice attributed to genuine passion for his field and delight at solving critical disputes for small businesses.

Achievement and Honors

Feeney has overseen numerous investigations pertaining to white-collar crime litigation matters over his career. He has led multistate mobile surveillance operations and conducted hundreds of witness interviews; currently he serves as partner and senior managing director at Nardello & Co’s New York office.

He clerked for Judge Thomas K. Kalaukukui of the Circuit Court of the First District in Hawaii from 1991-1992; Justice Robert G. Klein of the Supreme Court from 1993-1995; and Magistrate Judge Helen Gillmor of the United States District Court for Hawaii during 1999.

Tom leaves behind his beloved wife Barbarann Ellis Feeney and two children Sarah and Liam as well as numerous loving nieces and nephews. As an avid outdoorsman he enjoyed biking, skiing and boating activities with family and friends alike.

Personal Life

Thomas Feeney is an expert strategist with decades of leadership experience. Specializing in federal government advocacy and possessing extensive connections in Florida’s business, legal, and political communities. His vast array of contacts allow his firm to coordinate on local, state, and federal levels in order to accelerate growth while eliminating barriers that hamper success for its clients.

He first came to national attention in 2000, when he led efforts to certify Florida’s electoral votes even though it remained uncertain who had won Florida’s popular vote – an act which breached both Florida law and Constitution and earned widespread criticism from Democrats, including former Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards.

Greta survives him along with two sons Thomas and Mark as well as three grandchildren Ryan, Bryce, and Emma.

Net Worth

Tom Feeney has amassed considerable wealth over time, becoming one of the most notable celebrities worldwide. But this success did not come easy; it required hard work and dedication in order to achieve such great heights of achievement.

Timothy and Sean Feeney were raised with hard work values instilled into them from birth. Both sons joined his company early on and worked alongside their father until taking over ownership of it themselves.

Feeney addressed his top managers at Orlando’s Rosen Shingle Creek resort during the financial crisis, promising them that Safelite’s new “people-first” philosophy would drive it to new heights never imagined before.

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