Thomas Drawings

A Look at Alice Thomas Drawings

Thomas used vivid colors and abstract shapes to capture the beauty of her surroundings. She would often sketch her ideas using pencil and watercolor before finally painting her creations on canvas using acrylic paints.

Watusi (Hard Edge), one of her paintings, contains an intricate arrangement of squared shapes that resemble mosaic tesserae.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in Columbus, Georgia before attending Howard University for her studies. Graduating in 1924, Thomas went on to teach art at a junior high school in Washington D.C. over 35 years – organizing art clubs and lectures for her students along the way. Although much of Thomas’ early work was realistic in nature, over time her style changed considerably as she explored abstraction as well.

She was heavily influenced by contemporary artists like Matisse, but Thomas created an aesthetic all her own. Thomas’ paintings from the ’60s and ’70s often displayed stunning combinations of blue, red, and green acrylic strokes that she called “dazzling arrays.”

Thomas Cole was born in Bolton-le-Moor, England, and immigrated with his family to America in 1818. Although their finances were modest, Thomas worked both as a leather currier during the daytime hours as well as an itinerant portrait painter during evening hours.

Professional Career

Thomas has worked as a freelance illustrator for numerous publications and clients such as MAD, TIME, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. He possesses proficiency with several software programs including Alias, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

Thomas has not only become a professional artist but has also published two books on drawing and sketching techniques. Additionally, he has delivered lectures and presentations regarding art topics.

Thomas the Train is a fictional British train character popularly depicted in children’s book series and television show of the same name, popular throughout the world. Thomas has numerous friends such as Sir Topham Hatt and Percy, Duck, James Gordon Toby Annie that make up his railway team.

Achievement and Honors

The Gairdner Foundation recognizes medical researchers whose breakthrough work has improved lives through groundbreaking research. Since its establishment, over $1 billion has been given out in grants across many fields and disciplines; additionally, numerous artists and educators have received honorary doctorates.

Thomas’s early works from his first artistic period are heavily hued and expressive of melancholic mood, depicting Cantey homesteads with natural serenity in blues and browns.

In the 1960s, she experimented with pointillism – a technique in which small dots combine into an image – as well as using softer strokes in her paintings.

By the 1970s, she had begun exhibiting large canvases measuring 72 by 52 inches. To keep their colors moving smoothly over their surface, she frequently tied elastic band to their frames to direct their movements.

Personal Life

Thomas was an active community organizer and educator. She developed enrichment programs for children, and established the first art gallery at a Washington DC public school. Living in Logan Circle informed Thomas’ interpretation of nature; crepe myrtles, holly trees and gardens all inspired her artwork.

Thomas was known for her conservative political views; yet her work never made overt statements or was overly political in nature. Instead, her focus was beauty and happiness rather than political activism; although some significant events like the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom can be found captured within her paintings such as that.

Thomas moved to Jefferson City, Missouri in 1974 in order to work as the assistant to Republican Attorney General John Danforth and then for Monsanto’s legal department as part of a national touring survey on her life and career. This exhibition forms part of that survey.

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