Thomas Dafoe

Tom lives on an almond farm in northern California with his wife and five energetic children, where they are certified tailwheel and seaplane pilots. When possible, Tom loves flying his craft whenever possible!

Yelchin’s narration makes the movie highly watchable without resorting to cheap thrills just to up the tension levels.

Early Life and Education

Dafoe made his mark early as an actor when he played an aggressive counterfeiter in William Friedkin’s fiery crime thriller To Live and Die in L.A. He quickly made another mark when Oliver Stone cast him in Platoon as the platoon leader navigating corrupt intrigue with pragmatic integrity.

White Sands extends the immersive worldview of classic film noir further still, exploring how corruption contaminates every aspect of our lives. He followed this with two other hero roles in Alan Parker’s civil rights period drama Mississippi Burning and as Jesus in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ; moving effortlessly between commercial and character roles such as hard-drinking paraplegic from Born on the Fourth of July or Tom & Viv.

Professional Career

Once he had parted ways with the Wooster Group, Dafoe took full advantage of the creative freedom film acting provided and appeared in numerous films as an actor or supporting cast member. In addition, he became an accomplished experimental theater performer.

Robert Eggers’s haunting new black-and-white film The Lighthouse stars Dafoe and Rober Pattinson as Thomas Wake and Ephraim Winslow, two lighthouse keepers stranded on an outcrop in 1890s New England who are put through extreme trials due to sea spray, hard liquor consumption and their lives becoming threatened by rising madness levels.

As is common among pilots, Tom had long saved information about fly-in communities and Texas runway real estate. When an opportunity presented itself for him to purchase property at Holly Lake Ranch Airpark, it seemed like his dream had come true – that is until an accident took place.

Personal Life

Thomas Dafoe, 46 years old and living in Arbuckle, California is married to La Donna and has four children named Deaven, Taytumn, Kalven and Edelle. Thomas has worked at Briden Wilson Farm as well as Cessna Aircraft Company.

Studying drama at the University of Wisconsin, he ultimately left to pursue work in New York’s experimental theatre scene. There he became part of the Wooster Group and has participated in multiple stage plays and productions.

He is known for being an easygoing individual who relishes working on projects that allow him creative freedom, but has been arrested several times for domestic violence and making criminal threats towards former lovers in 2004.

Net Worth

Dafoe was one of the founding members of experimental theatre company The Wooster Group alongside Spalding Gray and Elizabeth LeCompte. Since then he has become known as an accomplished actor who can also produce films starring himself and has won several awards and nominations throughout his career.

As one of Alan Parker’s civil rights dramas, this feature relies heavily on volunteer vote drive organizers pursuing them aggressively for votes, yet their performance is captivating and serves as its anchor point.

Paul Schrader’s tense action flick is filled with memorable performances, and Ethan Hawke is no exception in that regard. In particular, he excels as the villainous mercenary played by Heino Falke (Michael Pare). Additionally, Ethan plays an effective sulking father role, emitting worry and exasperation as he oversees mother and daughter pair Halley (Bria Vinaite) and Moonee (Brooklyn Prince). Finally proving he can pull off mainstream movies such as this thrilling thriller!

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