Thomas Culberson

Thomas Culberson

Thomas Culberson was an exceptional son, brother, and friend who has left an incredible void in our hearts. His legacy will live on through those he inspired to live their lives with passion and selflessness.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas was an enthusiastic and hardworking individual, always giving his all in every task he took on. Additionally, he was generous and compassionate towards those in need; always going the extra mile to assist those in need. Thomas will be greatly missed by his many acquaintances but his legacy will live on through all those whom he touched in life.

Visitors wishing to pay their respects can do so by visiting the funeral home website, where information on funeral services, memorial donations and public records data for Thomas Culberson may be found. Furthermore, this website also serves as an obituary and biography.

Professional Career

Thomas Culberson has enjoyed an esteemed MLB career, having represented teams such as the San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers. His hard work and love for baseball have garnered him accolades from fans and fellow players alike; not to mention making him standout with his versatility and exceptional fielding abilities.

His professional career reached its pinnacle in 2017 when he hit a walk-off home run for the Gwinnett Braves against the New York Mets at Comiskey Park. On a 1-2 count he lofted a high fastball into the second row of left field bleachers.

His presence touched many fans’ hearts, and those who knew him still hold dear his memory of kindness and selflessness; an inspiration to aspiring ballplayers everywhere.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was an incredible individual who always found ways to bring joy and laughter. Never one to speak poorly of others, he loved meeting new people and shaking hands with everyone he encountered – something his family and friends will miss dearly.

He earned many prestigious accolades throughout his career and will always remain a treasured memory to those he touched.

He achieved several notable victories, most notably his narrow win in the 2000 Republican Primary and general election against Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, who defeated him in West Houston and Memorial, Bear Creek as well as other areas in his district. Culberson later served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1994-2006 and became an extremely admired legislator.

Personal Life

Thomas Culberson was an inherently humble and generous individual who left an impressionful mark on this world through his commitment to service. As an Army soldier, he showed great courage and professionalism while fulfilling his duties with distinction. At home he was devoted and beloved uncle who always provided assistance and attentively listened to the needs of his nieces and nephews.

Thomas Culberson was an enthusiastic explorer who delighted in spending his free time outdoors, discovering new places and immersing himself in nature. His love of learning led to advanced degrees, broadening his horizons even more and leaving an indelible imprint on those he touched; inspiring and motivating them all towards excellence. We found 24 records for Thomas Culberson. To view their public information click one of them below.

Net Worth

Thomas Culberson is an American businessman with an estimated net worth of around $3 Million. He owns Smart Source LLC, which specializes in commercial and promotional printing, as well as serving on VitaPet Inc’s board of directors as a veterinary pet healthcare company.

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