Thomas Brennan

Thomas Brennan

Thomas Brennan is an author, entrepreneur and the creator of The War Horse. His writing explores topics including war, trauma and recovery.

In November 2010, Marine Infantryman Joshua Dainese was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Helmand Province and it changed his life forever.

As part of his bench service, Thomas M. Cooley established the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan.

Early Life and Education

Tom Brennan was an incredible small man of great strength and determination. A writer and orator with an insightful yet entertaining style, he published both Starting a Law School as a memoir as well as Old Judge Says blog to share his views with others.

Once graduated from law school in 1901, he established a modest practice with an emphasis on union business. Active in Catholic lay movements such as Catholic Young Men’s Society in 1906, he ran for pre-selection for Federal seat Batman in 1908 before contesting Warrenheip (1911), Richmond (1914) and Bendigo East (1921).

In 1929 he was appointed Attorney-General to the Scullin government but quickly found himself overwhelmed by its challenges in an era of depression governance. His conservative legalism alienated unions while his only significant legislative initiative, the Conciliation and Arbitration Bill (1930), was severely amended by an antagonistic Senate.

Professional Career

Tom Brennan specializes in construction accident litigation, representing numerous property owners and general contractors against claims brought under New York Labor Law and Construction Site Injury Law.

He is also an author, having published 52 research articles covering nutritional biochemistry, neuroradiology, medical science nursing, inorganic chemistry, molecular biology crystal structures coordination chemistry tRNA nucleosides. His works have been frequently cited by academics lawyers and researchers.

Brennan received numerous requests during his tenure on the bench for law school recommendations, which resulted in him founding Cooley Law School in 1972.

Achievement and Honors

Brennan served on numerous college committees, such as the Board of Trustees, College P&B Committee and Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He mentored many students who went on to become medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants or scientists – many of them were his students!

Brennan led Vermont to four 20-win seasons and three America East championships during his 19 years at Vermont; he also was nominated as a finalist for both James Naismith and John Wooden Awards.

He was an active member of the Catholic community and editor of the Catholic Advocate before 1916’s conscription controversy. He supported Irish independence while criticizing Fenian dynamite campaigns; yet was also known for being both pragmatic and idealistic due to his roots in Ireland.

Personal Life

He was a man of strong character, with an indefatigable sense of fair play and justice. An avid supporter of Irish sport and an avid hunter. With particular affinity for Irish breed horses he became an expert at animal husbandry; managing Skiddoo Stud while creating cross-country courses.

Brennan was one of the Land League’s primary fund-collectors, working closely alongside Davitt and Egan to organize hardworking fundraising teams. At Land League rallies he proved an engaging public speaker.

As a proud father and husband as well as an Army veteran, journalist, and author he lived his life to its fullest. On September 29, 2018 in Lansing Michigan surrounded by family he passed away peacefully at age 89 years.

Net Worth

Tom Brennan boasts an impressive net worth of over $5 Million thanks to savvy business ventures that have enabled him to amass this fortune over time.

Tom Brennan has long been an icon in the hospitality industry. A well-renowned chef and restaurateur with a rich family legacy to back him up, Tom Brennan serves as an incredible source of motivation to many individuals in his field.

He has won over many fans all around the globe with his amazing culinary skills and has established himself in the culinary field with Caseys General Stores Inc, serving as Chief Merchandising Officer since 2012. Over four years he sold 1,191 units of CASY stock while earning an attractive salary.

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