Thomas Boyle

Thomas Boyle

Thomas Boyle worked as a security contractor for the military in remote locations worldwide. He often asked his wife to send toys and clothing so he could distribute it among children in war-torn nations.

He was also instrumental in the production of Launch, the inaugural bodyboarding television series; co-creating, writing, shooting and editing the show with Kaui Hill.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in California by an artistic family. As a child he enjoyed both Little League and Varsity baseball before going on to become an accomplished water photographer and writer for Surfer magazine.

After spending an ordeal-filled night in a storm, Boyle made an oath that should he survive, his life would be dedicated to service and charity if possible. This turning point in his life marked many aspects of his later scientific work.

Boyle was greatly influenced by Francis Bacon and his philosophy. While Descartes believed in deductive reasoning to discover Nature through rational experiments, Boyle adhered to empirical science which enabled discovery through rational experiment. This philosophy inspired the Royal Society’s motto of Nullus In Verba (“Don’t Take Anyone’s Word for It!”), and promoted an open exchange of ideas.

Professional Career

Tom Boyle has dedicated nearly three decades of his professional life to representing commercial, industrial, and residential property owners. As an accomplished real estate tax attorney, he is skilled at finding cost-cutting tax strategies such as property assessment appeals, state/local exemptions/incentives/financing solutions/litigation.

He has served as a police officer both in the suburbs and City of Chicago, including Chicago Housing Authority Police Department. Among other operational roles and assignments held while employed with these departments are Commander-Field Operations, Lieutenant (Commanding Officer-Internal Inspection and Investigations Division; Watch Commander), Sergeant (BITE Task Force; Joint Chicago Housing Authority Police-Chicago PD Task Force) and Patrol Field Supervisor.

Joey also works as a college technician, where he assists in maintaining two machine shops that can be utilized by both students and faculty for projects. Joey often assists student groups like mechanical engineering’s human-powered vehicle competition team or civil engineering’s steel bridge teams with their projects.

Achievement and Honors

One of the best ways to appreciate Boyle’s contributions in philosophy, chemistry, pneumatics, and medicine is to realize they were part of his religious quest – almost equal time was dedicated to experimental natural philosophy experiments, studying Bible passages with their ancient languages in depth, as well as probing into his conscience and developing ideas around religion he found within.

Boyle witnessed a violent storm during his grand tour and felt its approaching judgement; consequently he made an oath that should he survive he would dedicate himself solely to Christian service if alive. Many of his philosophical projects, including rejecting Aristotelianism and corpuscular mechanical philosophy can be seen as attempts at fulfilling that oath.

He believed nature held many secrets which could only be unlocked through close observation combined with modern technologies. His experiments on blood, cold air, light and color testified to this approach.

Personal Life

Thomas Boyle has written numerous short stories and novels that explore the baby boomer generation’s appetites, joys, and addictions with brutal satire, magic realism, and social exploration all being featured prominently in his works.

Drop City by Jason Reisner documents his time spent in jail. Reisner describes how, while not intending to become drunk and kill someone, this nevertheless happened – showing how alcohol and drugs have the ability to have such an adverse impact.

Tom currently works as an associate attorney for Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi P.C, representing injured workers in workers’ compensation cases and participating in various projects to aid veterans and their families as well as local charities. Additionally, in his free time he loves playing guitar and spending time with his family.

Net Worth

Thomas Boyle was born January 12th 1961 in Hilo, Hawaii and currently works as an Executive Producer, Writer, Cinematographer and Director.

His debut as a director came in 1994 with Shallow Grave, featuring Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston, which later went on to be turned into the 1996 literary adaptation Trainspotting which depicts heroin addicts living in working class Edinburgh.

In 2002, he collaborated with Alex Garland on the post-apocalyptic zombie flick 28 Days Later which became a massive box office success and is widely credited with reinvigorating its genre.

As of 2022, Tom Boyle estimated his net worth to be $60 Million. He holds 281 units of Dollar Tree Inc stock valued at approximately $1,769,2888 with 10 trades over the last four years.

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