Thomas Botz

Thomas Botz, a Man on a Mission

Hillside Villa tenants have revealed clues of Tom Botz’s exploitative management style during a fight to acquire their apartment building from their landlord. His company, known for discrimination against families by evicting them because their children were playing in the courtyard.

The city has attempted to obtain a court order compelling him to allow an appraisal, but their request has become bogged down in litigation.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born in a rural area outside Savannah, Georgia and attended College of the Holy Cross before transitioning to Yale Law School for further studies. Ultimately, in 1983 he was admitted to the bar.

He is a partner at SENIOR ATTORNEYS located in Los Angeles, California and holds membership with both the American Association for Justice as well as several local organizations he is on their Boards of Directors.

Tom Botz isn’t really the issue here – rather it’s the entire system of private property ownership that’s the issue. In a society in which constant mass displacement occurs and families cram into substandard housing, and developers build low-income apartments with restrictive rents for 30 years before flipping them to different owners can turn a profit, any public-private partnership seems unlikely to work effectively.

Professional Career

He specializes in treating low back and neck conditions, working closely with athletes to treat injuries, and employs the Graston Technique, an advanced massage therapy technique using a roller tool to loosen tight muscles.

He has received multiple awards and honors for his efforts, such as a Distinguished Educator Award. Committed to diversity and inclusion at his company, he works to ensure women and nonwhite employees are represented in leadership roles.

Jake La Botz creates music that is reminiscent of Hank Williams and Skip James, creating dark poetry and haunting songs that resonate deeply. Recently he released a video for Hobo on a Passenger Train from his 2017 album Sunnyside; take a look below!

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Botz is on a mission. A 2022 Patagonia Union High School graduate and class valedictorian, he decided to honor his church’s directive that men over the age of 18 complete a two-year mission in service or proselytization. Currently volunteering for nonprofit organizations like Patagonia Creative Arts Association, Borderlands Nursery & Seed Company and Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve as his two year service commitment is complete.

Hillside Villa tenants are fighting back against landlord Thomas Botz’s plans to increase rents. In an effort to avoid his actions, they’re petitioning the city for eminent domain and preserve affordability over another decade. Their fight is about more than money; it’s also about community: tenants at Hillside Villa represent different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Personal Life

Thomas Botz is an 18-year-old Mormon Man on a Mission (MOAM), fulfilling their church’s directive of serving a two-year tour of service or proselytization. A graduate of Parker High School and Northwestern Michigan College, Botz is also an accomplished boys basketball coach – leading his team to multiple state runner-up finishes and Clarion County League titles while serving on multiple missions himself.

Hillside Villa tenants’ struggle is about more than housing justice alone; their landlord has been found guilty of discriminating against families while using public money to enrich himself at the expense of low-income residents. As part of their fight, they’re trying to convince the City to seize control of the property through the power of eminent domain.

Net Worth

When calculating your net worth, property valuation is likely the single most critical figure. A bank will look at this figure when you apply for loans; unlike budgeting which focuses on cash flow management alone; instead a net worth provides an overall snapshot of everything that makes up your wealth in one snapshot in time.

Tom Botz’s Hillside Villa Apartments in Chinatown present tenants with plenty of worry as their affordability covenant expires and rents increase by 300 percent. Tenants report being threatened with eviction because children play outside; such incidents aren’t isolated to this building – rather they reflect how low-income housing has become a cash register for private landlords.

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