Thomas Beaufort

Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, Was a Nobleman in the Hundred Years’ War

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After Henry V’s accession, Beaufort was named Constable of Ludlow, Admiral of the Northern Fleet and Captain of Calais; additionally he became Duke of Exeter for life.

Early Life and Education

Beaufort was born between 1377-1378 to John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and Katherine Swynford and legitimized following his parents’ marriage. Joan Beaufort, his younger sister who later married Ralph Neville Earl of Westmoreland was later seen as an opponent to Somerset descendants due to her new family lineage established through Ralph Neville establishing itself.

As part of his role as infant King Henry VI’s governing council, Thomas Lancaster served in numerous campaigns – such as Bague where Thomas Lancaster died – including fighting in various campaigns such as Bague. In 1422 he was made Duke of Exeter.

Nathen Amin was raised in Beaufort-Jasper county on the coast. His interests in Welsh history, the Hundred Years War and early Tudor period peaked as he wrote several books such as Tudor Wales and York Pubs.

Professional Career

Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter was an English military commander during the Hundred Years’ War. Born to John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster and Katherine Swynford, he married Margaret Neville (daughter of Sir Thomas Neville of Hornby). They had one child together: Henry Beaufort who died young.

Beaufort assisted in the negotiation of the Treaty of Troyes in 1420; two years later he was captured at the Battle of Bauge and died with his nephew Thomas of Lancaster at its conclusion. Later he served as one of King Henry V’s executors before returning home in 1422.

Nathen Amin is a British author who has published numerous books about Welsh history, the Wars of the Roses and Tudors. In October 2019, his latest release: House of Beaufort: The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown came out. When not writing or researching his next project, he enjoys traveling, volunteering and conversation over a refreshing pint in local pubs.

Achievement and Honors

Beaufort was a military commander during the Hundred Years’ War and briefly served as Chancellor of England. He was born to John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and Katherine Swynford – his parents legitimizing him first in 1390 then again in 1397.

Youngest son of a duke, Henry V was given his command by Henry IV both on land and sea to fight in Wales and take part in his wars against them. As Henry’s half-brother Henry IV continued with his Welsh campaign he was made Earl of Dorset in 1411 before later receiving admiralship in 1412. In 1419 Henry led an attack upon France, taking three towns: Evreux, Ivry and Harfleur before making peace with France for good.

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Personal Life

Thomas of Gaunt was left his fortune and estates after John of Gaunt’s death, which he worked hard to keep within their grasp. Thomas played a significant role in France, securing favors from powerful individuals while persuading others to provide necessary funds for campaign.

He played an instrumental role in both campaigns of 1418 and 1419, participating in sieges of Rouen and its capture, helping negotiate the Treaty of Troyes, and was present at Bauge where Thomas of Lancaster died.

He was appointed cardinal and papal legate in 1417, but soon afterwards his relationship with King Henry V diminished drastically and he resigned both ecclesiastical offices shortly thereafter.

Net Worth

Thomas Beaufort was an English nobleman who played an instrumental role in both the Wars of the Roses and Hundred Years’ War. In 1419 he participated in King Henry V’s campaign in France to seige Evreux, Ivry, and Rouen; these activities won him fame throughout England.

William was also appointed one of the executors for Henry VI’s will and served on his infant son Henry’s governing council, Henry VI’s Council of Regency. Additionally he became a member of the Order of the Garter in 1402 before later serving as Constable of Ludlow and Captain of Calais by 1407.

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and Katherine Swynford had four children together; John would legitimize Katherine Swynford both times he legitimized him (1390 and 1397).

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