Thomas Barthold

Thomas Barthold, Chief of Staff, Joint Committee on Taxation

Thomas Barthold has served as Chief of Staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation since May 15, 2009. His appointment to this position was chosen by members of JCT who select staff nonpartisanly.

He explores a comprehensive set of issues for the committee, such as capital gains taxation, savings incentives, environmental and energy taxes, estate and gift taxation, international taxation, low-income housing tax credit programs and tax-exempt bonds.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Barthold serves as a senior economist for the nonpartisan Joint Tax Committee (JCT), an organization which estimates federal revenues and makes recommendations to Congress. Thomas works on capital gains taxes, savings incentives and environmental measures while contributing to research about health care reform impact on revenues as well as new tax cuts.

Karl Barth was born near Williamstown, Vermont in 1884. At 14 he entered into an indenture agreement with a blacksmith and received room and board in exchange for six weeks of rural schooling every year.

Barth’s most notable theological work is Church Dogmatics, which refocuses all discussions around Jesus.

Professional Career

Thomas Barthold has worked at the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) since 1987 in various roles such as senior economist and deputy chief of staff before being promoted to chief of staff in May 2009. At JCT he studies topics like capital gains taxation, savings incentives, environmental and energy taxes, estate and gift taxation, multinational enterprise taxes as well as low income housing tax credits and tax exempt bonds – in addition to pension issues and charitable organizations for which JCT also conducts studies.

He received the 2009 Pillar Award from the Tax Foundation of the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (TCPI) for his contributions to developing federal tax policy and understanding foreign and domestic tax policies in the US. Dr. Kopp holds both a PhD from Harvard and M.A. degrees from Northwestern.

Achievement and Honors

At TCPI’s 17th Annual Tax Policy and Practice Symposium in 2016, Barthold received the Pillar of Excellence award. The award recognizes individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping tax policy and have made significant impactsful contributions to business, economy and understanding of foreign and domestic taxes among tax professionals, executives and policymakers. He was honored as the seventh recipient. Since 1987, he has served the Joint Committee on Taxation staff in roles ranging from staff economist to senior economist, deputy chief of staff and acting chief of staff. Prior to his service at JCT he taught economics at Dartmouth College Hanover New Hampshire before joining JCT staff; additionally he is a member of both American Economics Association and National Tax Association.

Personal Life

Thomas Barthold lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with his two children and is married. He has filed personal financial disclosure forms with LegiStorm Pro subscribers which are available to view.

Barthold serves as Chief of Staff to the Joint Committee on Taxation, an unbiased congressional body that estimates congressional and executive branch revenue estimates. Since May 15th 2009, he has held this post.

His expertise on JCT issues spans capital gains realizations, savings incentives, environmental and energy taxes, taxation of multinational enterprises, low-income housing credits and tax-exempt bonds as well as pension issues and charitable organizations. Dr. Brown earned his Ph.D. at Harvard, with M.S. and B.A. degrees from Northwestern University also awarded. Lastly he is a member of both American Economics Association and National Tax Association.

Net Worth

Estimates place Barthold’s estimated net worth at $8 million and reside in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania along with his wife Annie, their two sons and daughter. Since 2006 he has served on Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

Barthold was recognized during a recent hearing for his contributions as nonpartisan tax expert, helping lawmakers create sound tax policies for their constituents. Unfortunately, however, some members from both parties have accused him of engaging in class warfare by raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

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