Thomas Bannon

Thomas Bannon – Also Known As Tom Or Tommy

Thomas Bannon, more commonly known by his nicknames Tom or Tommy, served as president of Responsive Respiratory Inc. This company offers high-pressure oxygen products like conservers, regulators, cylinders, carts and racks.

Professionally, he is known for being practical and client-driven, offering his market knowledge and structuring expertise as valuable assets to their business needs.

Early Life and Education

Tom was an enthusiastic sports fan who loved watching his children compete in baseball and basketball. He took great pleasure in coaching his town teams, spending many weeknights and weekends at practices, games and tournaments across town and further away.

Bannon has left his mark on nearly every significant decision by the Trump White House, from withdrawing from Paris Climate Agreement and issuing travel ban orders against Muslims from majority-Muslim nations, to nominating Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court. But his constant focus on economic nationalism has often brought him into conflict with other top aides including Jared Kushner and national security advisor HR McMaster.

Bannon left Goldman Sachs in 1983 to form a financial firm that specialized in entertainment-related finance, while also holding a minority share in Seinfeld TV show.

Professional Career

Thomas Bannon was an avid sports enthusiast who dedicated many evenings and weekends coaching his children’s Little League and town basketball teams. He took great pleasure in sharing his enthusiasm for sport with young athletes, watching their skills develop while creating lasting memories that would stay with them throughout their lives.

At the time of his arrest, Bannon was employed by a firm that helped companies finance films. Jones says Bannon submitted several projects, some overtly political ones included, to this firm for financing.

As president of Breitbart, he gained notoriety as an advocate of conservative politics. Since joining the White House, his ideological ideas have come to fruition; for instance, placing Betsy DeVos as education secretary and Scott Pruitt at head of EPA.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Bannon, commonly referred to as Tom or Tommy, was an ardent family man. He leaves behind many loving nieces and nephews such as Lauren (partner Keith) Amato, Jeffrey Amato, Lisa Hendrickson, Jenna (Patrick) Fialka, Chris Tedone and Tommy Tedone – along with many close friends he considered family – as well as close friendships that will miss him dearly.

He served on the Corydon Democrat and O’Bannon Publishing Company staffs part time as well. Additionally, he was on the Corydon Savings and Loan’s board and is chairman of Crowley Maritime Corp, World Shipping Council, Intrepid Ship Management Inc and Crowley Liner Services, Marine Transport Management Inc and Crowley Puerto Rico Services (among many others). Furthermore he belongs to Young Presidents Organization.

Personal Life

Bannon first met Julia Jones, a documentary producer. According to Jones’ declaration in her divorce suit against Bannon, they discussed creating a film inspired by The Grapes of Wrath but their ideas never saw fruition.

Bannon quickly followed suit by creating his own company and later shifting its focus towards political endeavors, producing films like Clinton Cash.

Bannon served on several boards, such as Crowley Holdings Inc, Intrepid Ship Management Inc and Crowley Maritime Corp, as well as being a trustee at University of Richmond. Additionally, he had multiple children and grandchildren as well as engaging in hobbies like softball and hunting; eventually passing away at age 75 in 2023.

Net Worth

Forbes estimates Bannon is worth approximately $5 Million and earned millions from his consultancy firm and consulting work for various conservative media companies, in addition to investments and his stake in Seinfeld (which will pay him one percent of syndication profits for decades).

Recently, he has focused on producing films and documentaries with political or religious overtones, such as Battle for America, District of Corruption, and Clinton Cash. Additionally, he has produced scripted movies like 2013 western Sweetwater starring Ed Harris and January Jones.

Bannon was arrested on August 20, 2020 on charges that he used fake invoices, an illicit nonprofit and dubious vendor arrangements to defraud donors of pro-Trump Super PAC donations.

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