Thom Knowles

Thom Knowles

Thom offers meditation and Vedic worldview courses worldwide, as well as hosting a podcast on relationships and stress from a Vedic Meditation viewpoint.

Written for his tobacco box, Knowles’s verse shows his deep commitment to religious liberty – leading directly to political and social freedom. He formed close ties with several of the leading intellectual figures of his day such as Gladstone and Tennyson and took full advantage of these connections for editorial gain.

Early Life and Education

Thom had only received a basic education, yet was eager to expand his knowledge. With an intense desire to lead a colliery one day, he used his pocket money for night school classes to further his goals.

He was an active member of the Protecting Society, serving as alderman for four years and also being one of the initial trustees of New Bedford county’s free public library, one of the first such facilities at that time.

The collection encompasses biographical data, correspondence, photographs, printed and published material, scrapbooks, speeches, meeting and workshop documentation as well as cassette and video tapes and films. Printed materials are organized alphabetically by corporate author or title for articles without stated authors; workshop files can either be organized alphabetically by sponsoring company or alphabetically in their absence.

Professional Career

Thom is an experienced defense attorney with expertise in representing persons injured by auto defects such as crushed roofs, defective tires and seat belts. Additionally he possesses expertise in mechanical engineering and construction cases.

John Pepper Knowles (1830-1891)’ papers showcase his activities as a wholesale grocer and agent for several whaling vessels in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Charles Sumner Knowles (1850-1911) documented his work producing wax and rubber in New Bedford and Boston.

Christian began practicing meditation in New York City and trained as an Initiator in 2018. Since then he has assisted Thom with six Initiator Training programs and teaches meditation worldwide. Additionally he is an accomplished theatre artist as well as being a consultant for Wall Street firms.

Achievement and Honors

Thom spent 25 years learning directly under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and has taught meditation to over 50,000 students. Additionally, he conducts 6 Initiator Training programs using methods outlined by his guru; these programs have received international acclaim as have several books about meditation written by Thom himself.

His architectural commissions included three churches in Clapham Park, Albert Mansions on Victoria Street and Thatched House Club as well as Baron Grant’s residence palatial residence. Furthermore he designed other homes warehouses stores and clubs.

Knowles was actively engaged in charitable work. He served as a member of a committee established by Quakers to address Relief and Liberation of Negro Slaves as well as Discouragement of Slave Trade in America. Furthermore, Knowles helped found London Anti-Slavery Society before playing an important role in organizing Paris Food Fund during its siege of 1871.

Personal Life

Knowles had diverse social interests. She argued in one poem written for the inscription on a tobacco box that men enjoyed more liberty than women. Additionally, Knowles participated in various philanthropic efforts and contributed articles and periodicals, becoming close with Alfred, Lord Tennyson who she designed without fees his house at Freshwater in 1869.

As an FBI agent, he worked in counterterrorism issues throughout Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Athens, Kandahar and Washington as well as teaching meditation around the world. He currently resides with his wife and family in Arizona while also practicing Vedic Yoga teaching classes and authoring books about Vedic Meditation.

Net Worth

Thom Knowles is an established Entrepreneur who has amassed an impressive net worth. He makes his living by offering Vedic Meditation Master Class sessions, teaching Consciousness Studies, Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics courses and hosting the Vedic Worldview Podcast.

He possesses extensive expertise in real estate industry practices and can effectively manage assets, represent local and national banks/lenders with REO/distressed properties, investor relations management, portfolio administration as well as land acquisition for both residential and commercial development projects.

As of 16 August 2023, he owned 1,130 units of Cubic stock worth $2,034. According to SEC Form 4 filings, he made one trade since 2019 using this stock – this transaction only displays in GuruFocus since open market transactions (not exercises or conversion of derivative securities) are shown here.

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