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5 Important Spanish Facts You Didn’t Know

Whether you are a history buff or just curious, you are sure to find something you didn’t know about Spain’s ancient civilization. From the Spanish kings to the famous Alfonso XIII and the royal court, there are many important facts about the country’s past that you may not know. You’ll find out what they are, why they are important and how you can learn more about them.

Biblia alfonsina

Possibly the most important Bible translation ever created, the Biblia Alfonsina was written by Alfonso X el Sabio, the king of Castilla and Leon. The book includes the Old Testament and some portions of the Hebrew scriptures. It was translated into several languages, including Portuguese, Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish and Ladino. It is also known as the “Alfonsine Bible.”

The king also commissioned Casiodoro de Reina, a evangelist and leader of the San Isidoro community, to write a Spanish Bible. He wrote the first complete Spanish Bible and hoped to make a bridge between anti-semitism and Christianity in Spain. Despite his success, Reina’s work needed revision. He worked on it for twenty years, reprinting the Bible for Spanish-speaking countrymen.

Other Bible translations appeared during the same s. XIII, including a number of translations from the Hebrew Bible into Spanish. These translations were probably written by the authors of the Biblia Alfonsina.

Colegio de Espaa

Located in Salamanca, Spain, the Colegio de Espaa was established in 1973 in order to promote Spanish culture and language. The college offers year-round courses and offers students of all nationalities a range of options to suit their own personal needs.

The college’s main purpose is to offer students a high-quality Spanish language program. In addition, the school provides a variety of options for studying English, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. The college also offers a variety of cultural activities.

The Collegio de Espana has teachers who are all native Spanish speakers and are well qualified to teach students. The school is also affiliated with the Cervantes Institute. In addition, the college has a multimedia room and a library. The school also provides students with the opportunity to study literature, art history, politics and other topics.

Biblioteca de las Naciones Unidas

Biblioteca de las Naciones Unidas is one of the most important repositories in the world. This is a digital library that provides access to documents, information and open access publications of the United Nations. There are many different resources available. Most of these resources are available for free download.

The main function of the Biblioteca de las Naciones is to provide materials to the UN and other official UN groups. This includes publications and materials on various issues, including peace, international law, human rights, migration, the environment and international relations.

The Biblioteca provides materials to academics, accredited media, and other groups involved in the UN. The Biblioteca also provides information to the Secretariat. The United Nations’ publications are available in various languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Portuguese.

El Diario

88 years ago, El Diario was the family newspaper of a thriving community of Latino families. Today, El Diario is the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the United States, and is the third largest Spanish language daily newspaper in the country. El Diario is one of the oldest and most widely read Spanish language newspapers in the country, with a print circulation of over two hundred thousand and a digital circulation of nearly six hundred thousand.

El Diario has a loyal readership, with an average age of 50 years old. Its membership plan includes 10 free monthly articles, newsletters, ad free browsing, ad-free browsing, a member’s only forum, discounts, and community building experiences.

El Diario ranked 10th among Spanish legacy media, with a readership of nearly one million monthly readers. The newspaper, which is part of the ImpreMedia digital media company, has been a major player in the Hispanic media market for more than a century. In 2012, ImpreMedia was acquired by a subsidiary of Argentine newspaper La Nacion.


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