The Henria Comic

The Henria Comic As a Teaching Tool

Francis Barlow’s Horrid Hellish Popish Plot from 1682 and James Gillray’s Punishments of Lemuel Gulliver (1726 are early works that clearly have comic elements.

Scott McCloud has identified two basic styles of comic art: realistic representation and cartoony representation. Additionally, there exists a middle ground he calls Liberal comic art.

Early Life and Education

Few educators would question the value of comics as an educational tool. Comics have been used successfully to motivate students to read (Sones, 1944), train language arts students (Williams 1995), teach collegiate physics (Kakalios 2002) and outline business ethics (Gerde and Foster, 2008).

An experimental study demonstrated how Optical Allusions, a science comic book, enhanced student learning by improving reading comprehension, retention of content knowledge and positive attitudes toward biology. It included text pieces which provided more in-depth explanation of each comic story’s subject matter. Pre and postinstruction assessments on biology content knowledge demonstrated significant increases in median scores while attitudes toward both comic books and biology showed strong positive correlations; furthermore matched pairs analysis verified these changes were due to reading comic books alone.

Professional Career

Work closely with writers and artists to produce content for publication. Liaise with external writers and industry professionals to secure artwork, articles and material for publications. Coordinate with ad sales teams to ensure advertising spaces are allocated as required and adhere to specifications.

Fluchere displayed works spanning photographs, half tones, line drawings and color reproductions of his work. He also presented several panels on comic book illustration techniques; among these was one entitled “Girl Commandos,” featuring an international team of Nazi-fighting women.

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