The Game’s Net Worth

How to Increase Your Net Worth

Having a good net worth is important for any business venture, but you might not be aware of the many different ways that you can increase your net worth. This article will help you learn how to do just that.


Among the many musicians churning out hits in the contemporary arena, The Game stands out. As a matter of fact, his five studio albums have sold over 10 million copies worldwide. As for the net worth of the game, the question is, how much? According to estimates, his tally will be closer to 36% than to 50%. His biggest hits include “Hate it or Love it”, “It’s a Beautiful Day”, “Clean” and “El Chapo”. This multi-talented individual also runs the independent record label Black Wall Street Records. In addition to his music career, Game has two children. The game has been a proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement he feels is critical in achieving racial harmony. Among the many other honors bestowed on him, Game was a nominee for the Best Male R&B Artist of the Year by the readers of Rolling Stone. A slew of platinum album sales have helped raise his profile. In fact, Game’s The Documentary, which topped the charts on the Billboard 200, sold over six million copies.


Among the most highly-acclaimed and popular rappers in the world is The Game. His net worth is modest, but his endorsements, concert income and YouTube earnings make up a large part of his income. His album Jesus Piece sold 3 million copies, and his next album sold 3.5 million copies. And his YouTube channel Vevo has over 592 million views, with ad revenue of $7.60 per view.

The Game’s net worth is estimated to be around $37 million, and the majority of his income comes from album sales and concert income. Concert income is estimated to account for around 33% of his total income. YouTube earnings are estimated to be 15% of his total net worth. YouTube ad revenue is estimated to account for roughly 15% of The Game’s total net worth. And investments account for around 11% of his total net worth.

The Game has a checking account balance of $13 million. In 2015, the rapper made a donation of $500,000 to the victims of the Flint water crisis. And in 2016, he was accused of sexual assault on the VH1 reality show “She Got Game”.

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