Take Me Back Snl

Take Me Back – The Best Episode of the Season

The return of Dave Chappelle to Saturday Night Live was long awaited. The comedian was famously hosted the show days after Donald Trump was elected president. This was his first time hosting the show and he received a fair amount of praise for his performance. He also won the first Emmy award of his career for his episode.

This was a highly structured and clever episode. It was based on a real event that occurred hours before the show aired. The sketch was the best one of the season.

There were plenty of jokes to be had, but not all of them were as funny as they could have been. This is in part due to the absence of permanent cast members. Nevertheless, the “take me back” skit was a solid takedown of the recent airline scandals. It is also a great example of how Chappelle can process both uncertainty and excitement.

A few big over the top moments are also worth a mention. The SNL cast did a great job putting the spotlight on the ol’ ladies. While this episode featured a lot of female characters, it also had a couple of sexy dudes, which was impressive given the show’s conservative gender makeup. A couple of notable guest stars included Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon. Both are frequent SNL guests.

The sketch about a man who’s lost his job, albeit the lowly Allstate guy, was a clever take on the recent air carrier scandals. However, the most memorable part of the sketch is the ol’ lady. The ol’ lady is played by Cecily Strong. This is probably the most recognizable SNL female in recent years. The actress is known for playing the sassy Aunt Jemima, and she has a few onstage witty quips to spare. She reminisces about her memorable musical guests.

While the ol’ lady was the star of the show, her name was not actually on the bill. This was a smart move on the part of the producers. The show is a comedy show after all, and it needed a female character in the mix to balance the male-dominated cast. The result is a sketch that is the funniest of the week. The ol’ lady was a nice touch, and the sketch itself is one of the best of the year.

The “take me back” skit was also the show’s best overall. The show’s writers must have had contingency plans in place if anything went wrong. The show’s writers were also responsible for the sketch that sported the longest title. The title is a blatant homage to a classic Ace Ventura movie. This is the longest title of the show’s history.

Despite the gimmicks and a few bumblebees, SNL’s return was a good ol’ time. While the show didn’t really go for the top tier awards, the show had several standout sketches. The show’s first cold open was well executed and had the right ol’ hat skulks. The skit also featured a very good performance from Beck Bennett. This was the performer’s most reliable work on the show. He’s had a role in a number of memorable SNL sketches over the years.

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