Tabasco Olives

Tabasco Olives

These Manzanilla Spanish olives feature genuine Tabasco brand crushed red peppers for an added spiced kick! Perfect for martinis or any appetizer/side dish!

Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil features the rich flavors of Tabasco (red pepper, distilled vinegar and salt). Crafted with late harvest Arbequina olives.

Early Life and Education

Contains: Firm large Manzanilla olives from sunny Spain seasoned with just the right amount of Tabasco brand seasoning – ideal for adding to potato salad, stuffing into muffulettas, or dropping into martinis! This jar of olives makes the perfect addition.

Charles Panati details in his book Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things that Edmund McIlhenny created the original batch of Tabasco sauce after the Civil War on Avery Island where he owned a plantation to grow peppers for harvesting into what would later become Tabasco sauce. According to Charles, Edmund was a banker who also used his property as a plantation to raise peppers – something Charles never confirmed in his work on Tabasco sauce’s history.

He would crush peppers, blend them with Avery Island salt that he mined himself, and age his product in old cologne bottles (hence their distinctive shape). As demand increased for his product, demand soared; eventually he even secured a patent for it in 1870.

Achievement and Honors

Tabasco sauce, an addictive combination of peppers, vinegar and salt produced by McIlhenny Company has taken hold around the globe. From ice cream and beer to mayonnaise and steak sauce; its original red sauce measures 2500 to 5000 Scoville heat units!

Family business Ketchum Peppery Sauce has mastered marketing and technology while staying true to its roots, even appearing in Back to the Future and Roswell television shows about alien/human hybrid teens who carried bottles of its peppery sauce around with them.

They take an active approach to protecting the land where they grow their peppers, planting hardy cord grasses and installing weirs to stop salt water from infiltrating into nearby soil. Furthermore, this company helps conserve Louisiana’s fragile coastal wetland by restoring natural habitats and offering protection for coastal wetlands.

Personal Life

Edmund McIlhenny fled his Isle Petit Anse plantation during the Civil War to Texas in an effort to revive his bank business and it is said that while there, family legend tells that he received red pepper seeds from a traveler from Central America; these he then planted on Avery Island farm.

He is widely acclaimed for developing the process to produce Tabasco sauce from peppers, and then bottling and shipping it throughout the U.S. His company continues to operate today as the sole holder of its name and brand name.

Tabasco brand products range from popcorn and nuts, mayonnaise and mustard to steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce; as well as being used in Bloody Mary mixes and other food and drink recipes.

Net Worth

The McIlhenny Company continues to expand the Tabasco brand, adding many extensions such as Green, Jalapeno, Pepper Jelly, Garlic Pepper, Raspberry Chipotle, Family Reserve aged up to eight years and Raspberry Chipotle sauces. They also produce many products containing pepper seasoning such as popcorn, nuts, olives mayonnaise mustard steak sauce soy sauce teriyaki sauce as well as co-branding SPAM Slim Jim beef sticks and Cheez-It crackers as co-brandings!

These medium sized Manzanilla Spanish olives are filled with pimento and spiced with genuine Tabasco brand crushed red peppers for an unforgettable flavor experience. Packaged in brine for optimal freshness, these olives make an excellent appetizer or add flavorful flair to martinis or pizza or salad dishes alike!

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