Susan Cabot Net Worth

Susan Cabot Net Worth – Who is Susan Cabot?

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Susan Cabot died at 59 on December 10, 1986, born in Boston.

Early Life and Education

Born Harriet Shapiro in Boston, Cabot experienced severe childhood trauma that required her to be placed into eight foster homes before eventually fleeing to New York City and discovering her talent for acting.

After several roles on Broadway, she moved to Hollywood and signed an exclusive contract with Universal. There, she made numerous Western and Arabian movies including her signature role in “The Battle at Apache Pass (1951). Other film roles she took part in included On the Isle of Samoa and Son of Ali Baba.

Cabot married actor Michael Roman and had an illegitimate child that she claimed was fathered by an English diplomat; Christopher Jones and King Hussein of Jordan were also considered candidates as possible fathers of her illegitimate child. Cabot claimed this one of her illegitimate offspring had dwarfism and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and therefore its paternity remained unknown for a time.

Professional Career

Susan Cabot was known for her roles in B-movies and her highly publicized affair with Jordan’s King Hussein; on December 10, 1986 her son Timothy brutally killed her with a barbell in their Encino, California home and was eventually charged with involuntary manslaughter.

After briefly exploring theater in New York, Cabot was lured back to Hollywood by Roger Corman and took part in numerous western and Arabian Nights films. Unfortunately she found the work unsatisfying, so in 1954 she asked to be released from Universal’s contract and returned to the stage.

Police were alerted to Cabot’s mental deterioration by her longtime psychologist, who testified that 50-minute sessions with her left him exhausted. Additionally, video footage showing the filthy condition of her home, littered with trash bags, newspapers, and food waste, convinced the judge.

Achievement and Honors

Susan Cabot has earned a stellar reputation as a successful movie actress since she made her first screen appearances. Born July 9, 1927 in Boston Massachusetts she rose quickly through Hollywood as an Actress before returning home on retirement in 1990.

Her first film role was as an extra in Fox’s 1947 film Kiss of Death; later she made an appearance in Harold Robbins’ A Stone for Danny Fisher stage production and studied acting with Sanford Meisner.

Cabot became one of Roger Corman’s leading B-movie stars, appearing in numerous Western and Arabian Nights movies as well as off-Broadway and Broadway musicals and plays. Following her highly publicized 1959 fling with Jordan’s King Hussein, Cabot eventually settled down in New York City where she continued working both television and theater before she was fatally bludgeoned to death by Timothy Scott Roman, her son pledging guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges in 1986.

Personal Life

Cabot was also an accomplished illustrator and singer, making her film debut with Twentieth Century Fox’s 1947 noir Kiss of Death. Since then she had worked on New York-based television and stage work.

She requested release from Universal in 1954 so she could return to Broadway, but Roger Corman quickly lured her back into movies with his 1957 melodrama Carnival Rock. Although she continued appearing in low-budget movies until eventually becoming forgotten.

Cabot suffered from severe mental illness in the early 1980s. Her son Timothy, who had dwarfism, brutally murdered his mother with a weightlifting bar at their Encino home. Timothy later plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and served three years’ probation.

Net Worth

Susan Cabot was born July 9th 1927 and died December 10th 1986 at her residence in Encino, California.

She appeared in over 40 movies over her career, as well as making several stage and television appearances.

She became notorious for her highly publicized affair with King Hussein of Jordan, whom she gave birth to Timothy Scott Roman. This child would later be adopted by Michael Roman – her second husband.

Her final years were marred by personal tragedies. She struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts in her final days; was overcome with intense fears; home became littered with years of trash and food waste; eventually found dead, having been struck over the head with a barbell bar; this judge determined her death wasn’t premeditated so was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

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