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Worker’s Compensation Attorney – Steven Struhar

Steven Struhar was taken into custody Friday near his Carlsbad residence on suspicion of robbing a bank in Carlsbad while out on bail in a federal case involving bank fraud and false statements. Carlsbad police had made their arrest.

He is highly-experienced in workers’ compensation matters at both administrative, trial, and appellate levels; having represented clients before multiple courts of appeals as well as Ohio Supreme Court.

Early Life and Education

Steven Struhar hails from Ohio and received his undergraduate degree at Muskingum College before going on to earn a law degree at the University of Akron School of Law. With experience handling workers’ compensation cases at all stages – administrative, trial and appellate court levels – Steven understands their devastating effect and stands ready to fight hard on behalf of you to obtain your rightful benefits.

According to his plea agreement in the false statements case, Struhar made false claims when communicating with someone he thought represented Russia, falsely asserting he possessed top secret security clearances and could provide information related to U.S. sanctions imposed against Russia. Furthermore, two checks that weren’t his were also deposited into his bank account.

Professional Career

Steven Struhar is a worker’s compensation attorney practicing in Ohio. With experience arguing cases before court of appeals and Ohio Supreme Court, Struhar earned both his BA from Muskingum College in 1981 and JD from University of Akron’s School of Law four years later in 1984. Additionally, Struhar belongs to Tuscarawas County Bar Association where in August he was charged with false statements and bank fraud for falsely representing himself as working at Treasury while possessing Top Secret security clearance.

Achievement and Honors

Struhar earned both the National Defense Service Medal and Navy Achievement Medal while serving in the Navy, studying law at Akron School of Law as well as working in steel mills to earn money for college tuition fees – eventually graduating both with bachelor’s degrees from Muskingum College and law degrees from Akron.

Based on his plea agreement in a bank fraud case, Struhar met in person with what he thought was an agent from Russia’s government and offered information regarding sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia. Claiming top secret clearance, Struhar demanded compensation in return for providing his information. But this meeting actually occurred with an undercover FBI agent; later depositing two fraudulent checks into his bank account as payment for this information provided.

Personal Life

Steven Struhar possesses extensive expertise in workers’ compensation at all levels: administrative, trial and appellate levels. He has represented clients before numerous courts of appeals as well as the Ohio Supreme Court and also practices personal injury and social security disability law.

He earned both his undergraduate degree from Muskingum College in 1981, and then his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Akron, School of Law. While attending law school he joined the United States Naval Reserve where he served in active duty until 1987 as part of its Judge Advocate General Corps.

He is a member of both the American Association for Justice and Ohio State Bar Association as well as Tuscarawas County Public Defender Commission. Meghan K Struhar and he have three children together.

Net Worth

Steven Struhar’s net worth can be defined as the sum total of his assets minus liabilities, used as an indicator of financial health and calculated by subtracting an individual’s assets from liabilities.

Shift Digital, his marketing firm that helps small business owners enhance their online presence, was established by him. Additionally, he has made appearances in various TV series like My Wife and Kids, Angel, Casino Cinema Hollywood Squares Joey Law Order SVU Ed and has won multiple awards.

Frequency Electronics stock is among his holdings and he has participated in multiple trades over time with it. Additionally, he served as president of FEI-Zyfer Inc and CEO of O’Reilly Media during this time. Additionally, his parents hail from Indiana.

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