Steven Stoltzfus

Steven Stoltzfus

Steven Stoltzfus has produced several nature documentaries about Florida’s unique environment, working on projects related to Florida’s varied ecosystem. So far he has produced five hour-long nature films.

He established GoldGlo Landscapes in 2002, quickly growing it to include a garden center and installation services. Without any business background himself, he spent much of his time trying to figure things out along the way.

Early Life and Education

Stoltzfus was born and raised in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. As he approached adulthood, he left this lifestyle behind for good and purchased his own camera; since then he has made multiple nature documentaries, such as Visions of Florida.

He is also a PA state-licensed breeder who has been raising puppies since 1992. His aim is to provide healthy, happy dogs to families. All puppies come with a 1-year genetic health guarantee from him.

He cherishedd relationships and was always generous, kind, and curious; always wanting to understand what made people tick and always looking forward to an adventure. Philip married Karen Hayward of Social Circle Georgia with daughter Rozanna living there also as well as stepdaughter Victoria O’Connor living in Tennessee as well as Aarianne who will all miss him dearly.

Professional Career

GoldGlo Landscapes was established by Michael Stoltzfus in 2002 as an initial wholesale tree nursery but quickly expanded into installation and hardscaping services as it expanded. By 2009, 14 employees worked there generating $1.4 million in sales with only minimal net profits being realized.

He attributes the success of his company to hard work by his team, clients and networking through NALP programs and events.

Pennsylvania State-Licensed Dog Breeder. He raises Shih Tzu puppies, selling them to families and providing a one-year genetic health guarantee for each puppy sold. Raising and caring for puppies creates bonds within families as well as giving children an understanding of responsibility.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Stoltzfus is an esteemed dog breeder specializing in raising toy breeds such as Yorkie. He takes great pride in providing his puppies with excellent care, and assuring they remain healthy before selling to new owners. Furthermore, his kennel upholds rigorous standards which has earned it multiple inspection passes.

As an Amish community member, he has led various projects that highlight their bearded, straw-hatted lifestyle in Lancaster County. Furthermore, as a filmmaker he has produced five hour-long nature documentaries including Visions of Florida.

Robert is deeply committed to protecting the environment and has won countless awards and accolades for his efforts, such as receiving the Louis Wolfson Award for artistic expression.

Personal Life

Homestead Structures is owned and operated by Stoltzfus and employs 16 people based out of Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania. Homestead Structures produces prefabricated garage kits as well as providing building materials sales services and installations services.

Stoltzfuse breeds Shih Tzu puppies and is delighted to interact with potential buyers at his immaculate kennels where more than 40 dogs romp in their cages. He holds state license as a dog breeder and provides one year genetic health guarantees on his puppies.

Stoltzfus sought help from business consultant Jerry Gaeta to turn around operations and eliminate debt, leading to sales that doubled and net profits increasing substantially. Steven closed down his garden center, created an annual budget, and implemented MORS multiple overhead recovery system – with outstanding results!

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